Basement Reveal!!!

Hi You Guys,

As promised, I finally have the pictures to show
 you of our low cost basement renovation.
I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats!!  : }

So here it is ~ lots of picture ~ they're not as good
as I would like ~ so hard to get good pictures
in a basement!

(You can see the before pictures HERE)

Two Ikea Ektorp love seats for $379 each.
  I really love these!
Even if they don't stay completely stain free, 
at least I can wash the slipcovers and
they'll be fresh and clean.
They are super comfortable too!

Do you know the loveseat in white is $100 cheaper than the other colors?
And a replacement slipcover is only $39?
I thought that was a great deal and a big factor in our decision
to purchase the white ones.

This is the part some people think is the most important ~
the big TV!!
The tv stand is also from Ikea and cost $49.

I don't usually like the game storage racks
that are available so I bought two baskets and nailed 
them to the wall for all of my son's games.

The walls are painted in Behr's Country Beige.

I had purchased this old screen door a long time ago 
and had never really found the perfect spot for it until now.

Most of the wall decor was either things we already had or that I made.
I did purchase the gray shutter at Homegoods.

This end of the room is more for my daughter.
She likes to watch tv sometimes while "the boys" are playing games.
This was actually our toy cupboard when I was growing up.

The nice thing is, the doors can be closed
 if we (I) want to hide all the "stuff ".

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ 

This is a long, narrow room but it does have four windows 
so we do get a fair amount of natural light.

Remember this blue crate I purchased recently?
Well, I found the perfect use for it.

It's covering up this stupid pipe thingy that's sticking up
out of the floor ... what's up with that, anyway?

It is also the perfect spot for the much loved Spongebob CD player!

I would still like to add something to this wall  ~
maybe some family pictures.

This end of the room is pretty basic
 but at least it is functional and clean.

We are so happy to have this done.
The whole family loves it and it's just such a casual,
 comfy place to hang out.

I think we spent right around $1000 which was
mostly the furniture.
In the future, we would like to get new carpet and maybe do
something with the dropped ceiling ~ but for now, we are happy!


  1. I think it looks great! (Who knows what that thing in the floor is.) On that wall where you want to put something else, and already have the screen door? How about finding old windows and making them collages or putting fabric behind them? Would fit in with your screen door. I'd take that screen door and use it for a memo board.

  2. What a fabulous space Joanne!! Love those couches!

  3. I love it. Simple and functional. Pretty without being over-decorated. I like Brenda's idea about using old window frames. Of course, she's a pro in using old window frames!

  4. For hardly any windows, this is a bright, cheerful space! You have done a wonderful job. I, too, looked at the Extorp sofa's and really loved them. Ikea has so many great pieces and they are so affordable. I LOVE your screen door, I wish I had a place for one! Enjoy!


  5. looks great! I love that your daughter has her own place to chill too! great job!!

  6. You did an awesome job! I love the white sofa's from Ikea. I also like how you created separate areas in one big room. I'm sure your family will be spending a lot of time in there now.

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  7. Such an amazing transformation!

  8. I sure do like the transformation. Great family space!

  9. What a beautiful basement ( you would never know it's a basement from the photos actually ) Great ideas!
    I'm now your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the chance

  10. What a lovely retreat you have created. I have an Ektorp love seat and it is great. I'm on my second set of slipcovers - for a color change, not because they wore out. Enjoy!

  11. Hi JoAnne, Your basement looks like the perfect place for the family and friends to gather and have a great time! Something for everyone. It's very bright and inviting.
    Mary Alice

  12. Nice space! Love the eclectic mix of home furnishings. Well done!

  13. Your basement redo looks pretty and functional. Love the blues as accents. I can hardly wait until repainting our basement moves higher on my list of to do's. Yours is much brighter with the light walls.

  14. This room looks fantastic so fresh and bright and the artworks make it look really homely, great job I bet you'll get heaps of use out of this room :)

  15. Your basement space looks amazing! Love the colors! Just beautiful!

  16. Great great transformation, and honestly you wouldn't know it's in the basement. wish my basement looked that good1 Love the color of the walls, and artwork you added. Love the box you found and used over the "what up with that" thing. I've got one too. Your room is bright, fresh and homey! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  17. This looks amazing...I love the white love seats from Ikea!! I am going to be purchasing a sofa from them with the white slips on them too! I love all your fun touches in the room...great job! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your makeover with us and enter my giveaway too!

  18. we redid our basement from scratch, added a bathroom and made our bedroom suite there! I can understand your happiness COMPLETELY! lovely corner for your girl too!

  19. Wonderful room and I do love the Ikea couches and tv stand!

  20. Good for you that you are HAPPY in your great space!

  21. Wow, what a fun, comfy, functional and inviting "coastal" space you've created! I love the colors and the Ektorp sofas (huge fan of IKEA)! Thanks for sharing!

  22. It came out beautiful! What a lovely space for your family to hang out. Great job.

  23. What a beautiful space you have made! I love those couches and the blue tones... it added so much light!

  24. It is not easy putting so many functions into a room, but you have done a perfect job of it. This room is so comfortable and yet absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing, Connie :)

  25. What a fabulous makeover, JoAnne! You do have quite the touch!

    I love the colors you've chosen, everything you have put on the walls, the screen door (swoon), and those Ikea sofas. You have created a lovely, comfortable place for your family to hang out.


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