When the weather starts to get cooler in the fall and we start dressing in layers,
I like to do the same with our bedding.

This year, I have several layers starting with a top sheet and then a lightweight quilt.
Next is a very soft and snuggly blanket followed by my toile comforter
at the foot of the bed.
Now we're ready for those chilly nights.

Adding the light brown tones of the pillows and blanket creates a warmer
feeling too, I think.

Here are a few more changes I made in the room to tie in with the bedding.

I love these wood frames that are from Target.
I added some prints I already had and placed them above the
dressers one each side of the bed.

In this corner, I placed my black wicker rocking chair with plump pillows
and a basket.  We really needed more lighting in this room, so I purchased a
 floor lamp for this corner as well.

I have a lot of patterns in this room and I really like how it looks.
I'm using my pillow shams and rug that I shared with you in this post.
The rug adds another layer of comfort too.

I'm usually pretty darn tired when bedtime rolls around
so I love having a snuggly bed to fall into at night.

So now, the only problem is making myself get out of bed in the morning!  : )

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  1. Such a pretty bedroom, JoAnne! I love that color combo too. :)

  2. I love the earthy tones, JoAnne! The twine hanging the pictures is just so sweet! Happy fall!

  3. Your bedroom looks lovely. I remember when we visited my grandmother when I was little, she had so many quilts on her bed. I loved crawling into bed. I wished I could do the same now, but hot flashes prevent that.

  4. Browns and blues are my favorite color combination, and fall is my season of choice! You've made that bedroom so warm and inviting, anyone would have a hard time not wanting to snuggle in for a snooze!

  5. Love it JoAnne! Although I'm always sad to see summer go, fall is my favorite time of year. I love getting the cozy blankets and throws out too!

  6. Joanne,
    The bedroom is he colors and the bed looks so cozy.

  7. JoAnne- I really love that look of warm layers. It is so pretty and also gender neutral. I love the blues and browns together and your new art work looks great! xo Diana

  8. Sooooo pretty JoAnne...I love layered bedding!!

  9. I love how you added touches of warm earthy tones, but kept a lot of blue so the room looks cosy and still cheerful.

  10. JoAnne...I love the layers and earthy tones for this time of year. Your bed looks so cozy and I can see where it would be hard to get up in the mornings!

  11. JoAnne, I love the black wicker chair you added to your room. It all looks so beautiful together!

  12. Your bedding looks amazing. I love how you did the simplest things with the artwork to bring in that warm wood look.

  13. I love the changes you made to your bedroom. The cozy blankets and basket of pillows are perfect for fall weather!

  14. Beautiful bedroom! It's so soft and dreamy....

  15. Gorgeous bedroom - I love your mix of fabrics on the bed. It looks so comfy and warm!

  16. It is very cozy! Love the blue and the brown brings a fall touch!

  17. What a beautiful & cozy room! I love this color combo, it's so soft & pretty.

  18. What a beautiful room! I love layers too- the more there are the cozier it is!

  19. This is so pretty! I love blue and brown together - one of my favorite color combinations. Your bedroom looks so cozy and soft.

  20. Stopping by from Brenda's, love your bedding/room. Our bedroom is blue and I love the brown tones you added and it does warm it up. Where did you get your rug? I love your mixing of fabrics too...I do love that myself. Congrats on your feature...very desiring!


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