April 14, 2017

Spring Front Door Decor ~ Easy and Inexpensive

I wanted something new for our front door this year
so when Hobby Lobby had their flowers on sale I found some
that I thought would look pretty and fresh on our door for spring.

I bought two bunches of the miniature roses and one bunch
of the little white flowers which came to about $5.00.
Not too bad.

I had all of the other supplies that I used.
The green wall bucket has been in my stash for a long time
 and the bowers made by cutting a strip of the blue striped fabric
 that I've had forever.

I stuffed the floral foam into the bottom of the bucket and then
cut the blue flowers into individual stems for easier arranging. 

I left the white flowers connected and it worked out fine
 just sort of spreading them apart. 
 Next came some spanish moss tucked in the front and
the addition of the bow.

It was all very technical : )

I love when I can create something new by using mostly things
already on hand and spending very little money.
 Now I'm enjoying a fresh new look on our door for spring.



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April 9, 2017

A Colorful Farmhouse

I ran across this farmhouse the other day on Houzz and I really
loved it so I thought you might too.

The exterior is white with black shutters, a beautiful and classic
look for a farmhouse.  It also has a large cupola and a cute picket
fence ~ I mean, who wouldn't love those details? 

Photo by M. Barnes & Co - Discover farmhouse exterior home design ideas

On the inside however, you will see lots of beautiful,
 soft color in every room.

 Isn't this great room amazing?

the ceiling
the huge chandelier
the fireplace
the large windows
the warm wood tones
the soft shades of blue and green
the cozy furniture arrangement
the hardwood floors

It all just draws you right in.

Just beyond the great room, you can see the kitchen with
its huge stove hood that extends all the way to the ceiling.
Even the cabinets are a soft sage green.

This dining room is so pretty. 
Such a gorgeous table and slipcovered chairs.

Here's the master bedroom with a fireplace and french
doors that lead outside.

I really love this bathroom.
Of course the shiplap is wonderful but what
really caught my eye was the skirted openings under the sinks.
It's such a sweet look and perfect for farmhouse style.

I think the addition of the coral color to the blue and green in this
bedroom is really pretty.
The patina on that bed is gorgeous too.

The feminine sconces and shower curtain are what really
caught my eye in this bathroom.

Even the laundry room is decked out in farmhouse style 
including the wonderful brick floor.

And this hallway is incredible with its brick wall
and old tractor seats as wall art - love it!

The gorgeous outdoor space continues the blue and green color theme.
The beautiful blue sky is doing its part as well.
I think I could spend a little time out here!

Photo by M. Barnes & Co - More farmhouse patio ideas

Large trees, white fencing, and even a windmill create a beautiful
setting for this farmhouse.

Photo by M. Barnes & Co - Discover farmhouse exterior home design inspiration

Do you love it?
I keep looking back at all the details in this wonderful home.
We see a lot of white and neutral color schemes
in farmhouse style which I think is very beautiful
but this house shows us that if you love color, it can also
be incorporated beautifully in a farmhouse.

Edited to add:  You can see many more photos of this home over at
 Carol's blog,  Blue Sky Kitchen.  Carol is lucky enough to be friends
with the owner and she has been a guest there.
  Click here and here for the two posts from her visits.
Thank you, Carol, for sharing your gorgeous photos.
Also, thank you to Stacey at Poofing the Pillows for letting
me know about Carol's posts!

Thanks so much for your visit!


April 2, 2017

Decorating the Mantels for Spring

We are fortunate to have two fireplaces in our house so of course
that means two mantels to decorate.
I wanted a new look for spring but sometimes it takes me
awhile to come up with a fresh idea.

The living room mantel really had me stumped.
I've been trying to just use what I have because I sure don't
need to buy any more stuff.
It finally hit me to see if my old screen door would work.
It's the perfect length when turned on its side and light
weight enough that it wasn't too much of a problem
to heave it up there.

I think it worked out pretty well as a backdrop for some pitchers
of flowers and a couple botanical prints.

Once I had the living room mantel all fixed up,
I needed to do something with the corner fireplace 
that's in the kitchen area.

This mantel is very shallow so I'm really limited 
on the size of items that will fit.

I ended up just keeping it simple with my Blueberry Mountain Lodge
print and some glass jars with flowers and colored eggs.

It's nice to have a fresh new look for spring inside while
everything outside is starting to look fresh and new too.

In the end, it was easy peasy to decorate these mantels using 
things I already had.  It just took a little thinking and experimenting
to put old things together in a new way.

Have a wonderful week!