May 23, 2017

Master Bedroom Changes

Hi Everyone,

I have made some changes to our master bedroom over the
last several months so I finally took some pictures to show you.

One of the changes that made a big difference was adding curtain panels.
Before we only had the faux wood blinds on the window.

I happened upon these curtains at Target and thought they were so pretty.
They weren't very expensive and the fabric is really nice.
I didn't even have to iron them!

They made a big difference in the feel of the room.
It's much more inviting and cozy now.

Another change was moving this chair from the family room
into the bedroom.
It replaces a wicker rocking chair and is much more comfortable.

It's nice to have a quiet place to sit in the bedroom and read
or watch something on my iPad.
It's my little getaway from the video games and sports which
seem to be a constant on our tv.

 We also bought new lamps.
The ones we had really did not provide enough light and
not that I'm getting older or anything (cough, cough) but
I'm finding that I need more light to see things well.

These are from Kirklands and I like that they have a
little more of a farmhouse feel to them.
I think they were $40 each so not too bad.

Another change is the rug.
The one that was here was getting pretty dirty and worn out
and it wasn't something you could easily clean.

I replaced it with this blue striped Dash and Albert rug.
I got this on clearance a few years ago and had
never found a good spot for it so I'm glad it worked out in here.

The rug goes well with my old quilt.
I've had this quilt for a very long time and still love it
so I decided to put it back on the bed.

Lately, some nights are very warm and others can be down right chilly.
I have some extra blankets nearby for those chilly nights.
Just never know when we might need one and I was a
girl scout so I must be prepared.  : )

That's it for the bedroom - for now!

Thanks so much for coming by!


May 14, 2017

A Happy and Peaceful Mother's Day

I really love these word that I found on a 
Mother's Day card.
They really touched my heart and express how
I feel about my children.

Mother's Day can be a difficult day for many people
 for various reasons.
  I get that.
  There were many years that were very sad for me.
  I hope you can find some peace today and do
 something special for yourself
 - you so deserve it!


April 14, 2017

Spring Front Door Decor ~ Easy and Inexpensive

I wanted something new for our front door this year
so when Hobby Lobby had their flowers on sale I found some
that I thought would look pretty and fresh on our door for spring.

I bought two bunches of the miniature roses and one bunch
of the little white flowers which came to about $5.00.
Not too bad.

I had all of the other supplies that I used.
The green wall bucket has been in my stash for a long time
 and the bow was made by cutting a strip of the blue striped fabric
 that I've had forever.

I stuffed the floral foam into the bottom of the bucket and then
cut the blue flowers into individual stems for easier arranging. 

I left the white flowers connected and it worked out fine
 just sort of spreading them apart. 
 Next came some spanish moss tucked in the front and
the addition of the bow.

It was all very technical : )

I love when I can create something new by using mostly things
already on hand and spending very little money.
 Now I'm enjoying a fresh new look on our door for spring.



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