April 17, 2015


We have been working on sprucing up our second floor hallway.
New doors and railing were added back when the bathroom was remodeled
and we finally got new carpet just a couple weeks ago.
The bookcase at the top of the stairs got a fresh coat of paint.

Since this is really the kids floor,
I wanted to style the bookcase with their books and things that have
special memories for them while looking nice at the same time (for me).

I tried to stick with the colors red, white and blue
as much as possible for somewhat of a cohesive look.

"Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" were big hits at our house.

Both of my kids made a ceramic turtle in 4th grade so I included those.

They loved the "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" books.

Using baskets and containers to group some items
helped to keep it looking organized and not too cluttered.

And here are the darlings now looking so happy and appreciative
that their mother put so much time and effort into
styling their bookcase - ha ha!

April 10, 2015


This week I fixed up my little bench in the kitchen.

I found the pillow back in the fall and I thought it would be
just right for spring so I saved it until now.

Then I saw the tulips at the grocery store and I thought they
would look just right with the pillow.

And I thought the tulips would look just right in my
galvanized bucket.

I think it all came together for a simple cottage look that's
just right for this time of the year.

There's not much that doesn't seem 'just right' when we
start having sunny days and warm breezes.
Don't you agree?

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April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Have A Happy And Blessed Easter Everyone!

March 31, 2015

Spring On My Little Bench

I haven't had time to do much spring decorating due to
lots of activities going on with the kids.
We spent the weekend in Cleveland at a Robotics Competition
which turned out to be really fun.
However, today I did have a chance to play around with some
spring decorating on my little bench in our entryway.

It ended up being sort of a garden theme.

I added a piece of light colored burlap to the top of the bench
and then just piled on some faux flowers and greenery.

I also added this print of tulips in a pitcher ~ just right for spring.

 Of course, the little shelves needed some spring touches as well.

I have used this topiary in so many different places ~
it's great for adding height where needed.

It feels good to bring out the flowers and reminders of spring.
And we're finally having some warmer weather around here  ~ 
I hope you are too!

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