March 31, 2015

Spring On My Little Bench

I haven't had time to do much spring decorating due to
lots of activities going on with the kids.
We spent the weekend in Cleveland at a Robotics Competition
which turned out to be really fun.
However, today, I did have a chance to play around with some
spring decorating on my little bench in our entryway.

It ended up being sort of a garden theme.

I added a piece of light colored burlap to the top of the bench
and then just piled on some faux flowers and greenery.

I also added this print of tulips in a pitcher ~ just right for spring.

 Of course, the little shelves needed some spring touches as well.

I have used this topiary in so many different places ~
it's great for adding height where needed.

It feels good to bring out the flowers and reminders of spring.
And we're finally having some warmer weather around here  ~ 
I hope you are too!

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March 25, 2015


I found a really wonderful cottage kitchen to show you today.
It's all done in black and white.
 It has a really unique decorative feature too ~ the ceiling is wallpapered in
a black and white floral pattern!
Doesn't it look great?

                       Kitchen by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

The rest of the kitchen isn't too shabby either.
Beautiful white cabinetry, black countertops, and checkered floors
with just enough wood to warm up the space.

I know we all love the retro stove as well!

Here you get a better look at the pretty ceiling.
I have done some wallpapering in my day but I have to say my neck and shoulders
couldn't handle wallpapering a ceiling but I do really like the look.
What do you think?
Would you ever wallpaper a ceiling?

                       Kitchen by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

Looking down the hall, we get a peak into the dining room 
decorated in black and white also. 
 In fact, the entire cottage is done in black and white.
You can see more photos HERE.

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March 20, 2015


Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is the Spring Equinox; also called the Vernal Equinox.

def:  the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's
equator, making night and day of approximately
equal length all over the earth.

I love this quote for today . . .

. . . and I'm so glad it's true.


March 17, 2015


I enjoy doing these little posts of things around my kitchen.
I love kitchen gadgets and accessories and I do make
changes to them fairly often.

~ ~ ❀ ~ ~

 Next to the stove, I usually have a grouping of utensils so I can
quickly grab what I need - you know, like when the grilled cheese
is burning and I need a spatula pronto!  : )
Below you can see I added a yellow apple for a little spring color.

~ ~ ❀ ~ ~ 

The top of this little cabinet is always a good place for a couple fun accessories.
I loved this little blue "Traditional Biscuits" tin when I saw it at Homegoods.

~ ~ ❀ ~ ~

I like using glass jars too. 
This "Yorkshire" jar is also a Homegoods find.

~ ~ ❀ ~ ~

 Baskets are always fun to fill up with kitchen towels,
bread boards and other supplies.

~ ~ ❀ ~ ~

And of course there must be something on the table like
some flowers for spring with a pretty bowl, tea towel, and
round bread board to make it more interesting.

Only three more days until the official first day of Spring.
Are you ready?

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