July 29, 2015

Master Bedroom Refresh

I finally found some time to freshen up our master bedroom for summer.
Better late than never, right?

The first thing I did was paint this little rustic stool that I found
at a barn sale a couple years ago.
The poor thing had been hanging out in a dark corner of our basement
waiting patiently for its makeover.

I think it looks very sweet now at the end of our bed especially with
 the addition of a basket of flowers.

I took down the plates I had above our bed and on a whim
I decided to try placing my herb drying rack in their place.
I really liked how it looked but it was a little plain so I added
a wooden plaque above it to complete the look.

Also, hidden away was a matelasse coverlet, that I brought out
for a lighter feel and look.

This is my favorite little Cath Kidston pillow purchased from Ebay long ago.
It's a little small for the bed but I do think it looks kind of cute and I like the addition
of the pinkish red flowers.

At the end of the bed, I threw on a cozy throw for those afternoon naps.
(If I ever get to have one of those!)

Here it is all freshened up.
A quick, easy and inexpensive change that
really lifted my spirits.

I hope you are all having a great summer!

As always, thanks so much for visiting ~

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July 19, 2015

Paris, France

After spending four days in London, we took The Chunnel to Paris.
Here are some of the highlights.

Of course we had to see the Eiffel Tower.

The people walking below it look like little specks.

Views of the Seine

The place we stayed was across the street from the Seine.
A short walk and across a bridge and we were at Notre Dame.

We were also within walking distance of The Louvre.
Here you can see the kids and me in front of the pyramid.

The Louvre is not a place for anyone who gets embarrassed easily  : )

Venus de Milo

Here "She" is.

Some rather large paintings can be found there.

This is Leonardo da Vinci's Virgin Of The Rocks.
One of the paintings discussed in The DaVinci Code.

Monet's painting "La Pie"
Named for the black magpie sitting on the fence.

Many beautiful buildings with pretty shutters and flowers.

The Arc de Triomphe

Lots of (expensive) shopping along the Champs Elysees.

Paris at night ~ beautiful!

Thanks so much for joining me on a little tour of Paris.
I hope you enjoyed it .
Have a wonderful Sunday!

~ JoAnne

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July 11, 2015

My Visit to Cath Kidston in London

I had a little time to myself one afternoon while we were in London
so I decided to try to find a Cath Kidston store.
I just love her designs.  
They are so pretty and cheerful so visiting one of the stores was
 on my list of things to do in London.
As I was walking down the busy street, I suddenly
spotted the Cath Kidston sign and I couldn't wait to see the store.

This is the location at 180 Piccadilly.
It is the flagship store that opened in 2013.

This store has 7,000 square feet which is 4 times larger than the average Cath Kidston.

I felt a bit uncomfortable to take any pictures inside but it was all so cute.
  The summer displays were just adorable. 
 I spent over an hour just leisurely walking around and taking it all in.

Here are a few photos inside the store that I found online.

It was a huge event when this store had its grand opening in 2013.
People waited in line in the cold for the store to open.

Tea and croissants were served to those waiting.

And Cath Kidston herself attended.
Doesn't she look as sweet as her designs?

There were even taxis covered with Cath Kidston prints to advertise the opening.

It would have been fun to be there that day but I really enjoyed
 the afternoon I spent there ~ and I'm pretty sure it was much less crowded!

Are you a Cath Kidston fan?

I hope you are all having a great weekend ~ we finally have a sunny day ~ so wonderful!

As always, thanks so much for visiting ~

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July 4, 2015

London, England & Independence Day

I thought it would be kind of appropriate to post our pictures
from London, England on the 4th of July.

To the credit of both countries, we are now friends rather 
than enemies that battled each other long ago.

Royal Guard parade at Buckingham Palace.

This was fun and impressive to watch.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen's Foot Guard

Big Ben with the London Eye in the background.

Westminster Abbey

Prince William and Princess Kate were married here.

There was amazing architecture everywhere.

London is a very big and busy city.

Sometimes I felt like I was on a movie set - 
it didn't seem real, especially with all of the sounds of the city.

We also walked around Kensington Palace.

This really made me think of Princess Diana and it was rather sad.
This is where she lived after she and Prince Charles separated.

Statue of Queen Victoria outside of Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground near the palace.

St. Paul's Cathedral where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married.   
It's so huge - you feel like an ant when you're standing near it.

This bridge was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics.
You can see the dome of St. Paul's in the background.

London bridge is in the distance in the photo below.

Here is a closer shot.

Many, many pubs for your enjoyment.

I wonder if they have Prince Albert in a . . . oh never mind!

My daughter and I ventured over to Portobello Road Market
which was close to where we were staying.

Pretty, colorful buildings with lots of shops, food stalls and

I liked the name of this one!

We were really lucky with good weather while we were there.
There's so much to see.
I hope to go back someday.