March 20, 2017

Pretty Centerpieces for Spring

To celebrate the first official day of Spring,
I found some pretty and easy table centerpieces to inspire us.
This first one is what I currently have on my table.
I'm sure I will be changing it out many times especially
when the flowers in my yard start blooming.

Here are a couple more from previous years.

As you can see, I usually stick with something pretty easy -
a pitcher or flower pot with flowers and a few other accessories
to make it a little more interesting.

There are so many possibilities.
Using jars or bottles for flowers can be so pretty and
I love how the Spring sunshine reflects through them.

I also love nature inspired centerpieces.
You can get really creative with some spring blooms,
 moss and terra cotta pots.

I have never made a centerpiece using veggies but I have seen
 some like these below that look amazing.
The colors are so fresh and vibrant.

If you like a more rustic look, the combination of flowers in a
 wooden box or crate is such a great look.

Even a paper bag can make a unique statement when filled with flowers.
A plain bag or one decorated with polka dots or colorful twine
adds a special touch.

And of course flowers in a galvanized container
 are beautiful in just about any decor but especially
 farmhouse style that is so popular today.

I hope you have found some inspiration here.
A simple centerpiece can bring the feeling of sunshine and
 springtime into your home.

Have a wonderful day!


March 14, 2017

Trapp Family Lodge

I had planned to post something for spring today
 but it is so cold and snowy here, like it is in a lot of the country,
  that I decided on something a little more fitting.
Back in December when we were on a short trip to Stowe, VT, 
 I realized that we were only a few minutes away from the
 Trapp Family Lodge, so I told hubby we had to at least drive by it.

And if you're wondering, yes this is THE Trapp Family, you know,
 the von Trapp Family of The Sound of Music fame, 
Julie Andrews, A Few of My Favorite Things, etc., etc.

Go ahead, you can start singing, I don't mind  . . .  raindrops on roses
 and whiskers on kittens . . .

After about a ten minute drive, mostly uphill, from where we were
 staying, the lodge was within view.

Did you know the von Trapps eventually emigrated to the United States
first settling in Pennsylvania and then to a farm in the mountains of Vermont?
Well, by golly, that's exactly what they did : )
The family began renting out rooms which evolved into the very large
 Trapp Family Lodge of today, a world-renowned resort on 2500 acres!

The Captain and Maria had three more children after they were married.
The youngest, Johannes, now runs the resort.
 The lodge has 3 dining options and just about every amenity
 you can think of. 
You can also take a Trapp Family History tour which I think 
would be so interesting.

I love that they were flying the American flag
 as well as the Austrian flag.

And just look at the view!
The lodge faces the rolling mountains of Vermont.
We were lucky that even though it was very cold, 
it was a gorgeous sunny day.
Can you believe that blue sky?

We did not go inside so here are a few pictures from their website.

Not too shabby!
You can see many more photos here.

I'm not sure what it is about The Sound of Music but I could
watch it again and again and never tire of it.
It's such an amazing story of adversity, survival and triumph.
Do you love it as much as I do?

. . .  okay are you still singing . . .  bright copper kettles and warm
 woolen mittens . . .
Is it stuck in your head now?  
You're welcome!

I'm so glad you stopped by today.
Stay warm!


March 10, 2017

Window Treatments in the Kitchen

Recently I posted about my new window treatments in our dining nook.
Our kitchen windows got treated to the same valances so I'm back
to show you how they look.

These were so much easier to hang since I was able to use tension rods -
one of the greatest inventions ever!

It's nice to have a cohesive look from the kitchen through
to the dining nook.

While we're in the kitchen, I thought I would show you that we finally got 
a Keurig Coffee Maker.  It was a family Christmas gift and we are
all enjoying it.  I chose the pretty white model.

Then of course a rearrangement of the entire counterspace ensued and
there was also the issue of where to store all the little Keurig pods.

It occurred to me that my wooden box with the drawer might work.
And guess what?
 They fit perfectly!
I think it was just meant to be - some sort of coffee 
pod and wooden box fate : )

Now that we have the valances hung and the coffeemaker and 
coffee pod issues settled, all is right with the kitchen.
I know you're relieved : )

Have A Wonderful Weekend!


March 6, 2017

Blue Kitchen Cabinets 2017

I have done a couple posts on kitchens with
blue cabinetry in the past, after all it is my favorite color.
It has been awhile though, so today I have rounded up some more
 amazing kitchens with cottage style that also incorporate blue in
 the design.


The kitchen above and the one below have white upper cabinets
and soft shades of blue on the lower ones.
This is a nice way to use blue without going overboard or ending up
with something that you would get tired of quickly.

Finding the right shade of blue would be key and using a lot of white
and wood tones along with it creates a beautiful and timeless look.

Isn't the kitchen above just so very unique?
It has sort of a french country feeling but in an updated way.
Wish there was a better picture of the script that's on the wall
 on the right.

This kitchen is from Remodelondo la Casa and I've always thought
the watery blue/green color on the island is just so pretty.

These two kitchens have a little more of a primitive look to them
which works great with blue.
Don't you love that "Saltbox Inn" sign?
Don't miss the cute puppy sleeping by the warm stove - so sweet : )

Yellow is still a classic color to combine with blue.
It never fails to make a room more cheerful and it's
 especially nice for spring.

Touches of black or charcoal also work very well with blue.
The counters below look like soapstone which I think
is a great look.

I do think this last kitchen is very charming but I must admit
I chose it mainly for the doggie peaking his head above the table.
I think he wants some of those raspberries!

Would you ever consider blue cabinets in your kitchen?
If you love blue like I do, it could be a tempting choice.

Have a wonderful week everyone!