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Hi Everyone, Today I am participating in a blog tour that you have probably seen going around blogland. First, I want to thank Julia at Vintage with Laces  for her very kind introduction last Monday. ~ here's a little peak at her blog ~ This is Julia's creative space so you know some wonderful things are coming out of that room! Look how she covered the drawers of this chest with vintage atlas pages ~ isn't that just so cute? And look at this bag ~ I mean, how creative is that? Stop by  Vintage with Laces  to see more of Julia's amazing creations. Now I get to answer 4 specific questions about myself  ~ okay, try to control your excitement!! 1.  What am I working on right now? I am primarily working on freshening up a couple spaces in our home. I recently put a fresh coat of paint on two of our living room walls so of course that called for changing the wall decor ~ still working on that. Also, I have felt like adding so


Many of us dream of having a beach house but when you don't live anywhere near the ocean, a house on a lake might be a more realistic possibility. Lake houses or cabins tend to be a little more rustic and cozy, I think, and there's something to be said for being surrounded by tall trees, the sounds of nature, and possibly a few critters. Here are a few lake houses I found on Houzz.   Some small, some bigger, some more rustic than others. Take a look and let me know what you think. PLEASANT LAKE, NEW HAMPSHIRE WOMAN LAKE, MINNEAPOLIS                                                                                                                                                            PINE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA


Hi Everyone, Here are a few of the little things that have given me joy this week.  ~ a wire basket in the softest shade of blue ~  ~ fresh baked muffins ~ ~ watching my daughter play softball ~ ~ pots of impatiens in the morning sunlight ~ ~ a pretty blue plate found on Etsy . . . . . . that looks great with my other two plates ~ What are you loving this week? ♡   ♡   ♡  HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! - - - joining - - -  MY ROMANTIC HOME ~ SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY


Hi Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend. We are having the most gorgeous weather ~ it's wonderful! A parade, fireworks, and a little frozen yogurt ~ what could be better? Today, I am so fortunate to be featured at Town and Country Living as part of Jennifer's  Charming Home Series. Jennifer has a very charming home herself and it really means a lot to me  to be featured on her blog.  So take a look HERE if you have a chance  as well as all of the other homes she has featured. Thanks again, Jennifer! ~ HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ~


When I saw these flags on Jennifer's blog Town & Country Living , I thought they were just so adorable! I also thought they looked fairly easy to make and I knew  I had some fabric scraps and goodness knows we have plenty of sticks. So I got busy and this is what I came up with. It was fun coming up with the combination of fabrics   and I even added buttons to one of them. When my daughter was little she hated to wear anything with buttons on it. She would throw a little fit and really didn't even like it if I wore clothing with buttons. I have never really figured that one out. So when she saw these flags, she said the only one she didn't like  was of course the one with the buttons!! She was just kidding . . . I think. I ended up kind of scattering them around our dining area. Quick, easy and cute - gotta love it! I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! - - joining - -