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Birdhouse Makeover & A Time out

Hi Everyone, Lately I have been feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. Feeling like I can never catch up ~ so I had to give myself a little time out. I really needed to rethink my priorities. I needed to get back to taking care of my family and home first . I absolutely love my blog and visiting all of you but I don't enjoy it as much when I feel like I should be doing other things. I feel so much more calm, happy, patient and all those good things when I take care of first things first. I'm sure you all know what I mean, right? However, I did complete one small project recently. (I couldn't go completely cold turkey, you know!) I've had this little wooden birdhouse placque for awhile and there was just something about it that I didn't love. I finally figured out that it was the colors ~ I think it looked a little too country for my taste right now. So a little paint, a little stain, and a little sanding late

sunday post

Isn't it wonderful to wake up to a fresh blanket of snow outside? source ••• covering the ground and rooftops so perfectly ••• source ••• making   everything white and bright ••• source ••• quiet and peaceful ••• source ••• fresh and clean ••• source ••• simply beautiful ••• source ••• it makes me so thankful to have a warm home ••• source ••• where I can look out and enjoy what nature has brought us  ••• ~ I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday ~ ~ JoAnne

New Table

Hi Everyone, I would like to show you my new side table for our family room. I had settled for this round table from Target a long time ago  because I couldn't find what I was really looking for. It is actually an outdoor table. (here you can see it in the right hand corner with a tablecloth on it) (here you can see it without the tablecloth) So you know what happens when you "settle" for something, right? Well, I spotted this one at World Market last week. I kept thinking about it so I knew I had to go back and get it. And it was only $49.99! I like it so much better. It's a metal table and it's very sturdy which is important  in our family room : ) ! The creamy color of it and the little bit of distressing  looks nice with our furniture. Another little change with a big impact! The old table can be used in the basement or even outside. Thanks so much for taking a peek. It's so nice to have you to shar

sunday post

~ ~ ~ so simple and serene ~ ~ ~ ~ beautiful ~ source ••• Have a cozy and warm Sunday ••• ~ JoAnne

Home Goals 2012

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow, January 11th, Nesting Place is having its  second annual Home Goals linky party. So I've been thinking about the projects I would like  to achieve in our home this year. 1.  Paint our master bedroom Currently it is painted a very pale green and  I have wanted to change that for a long time now.   I have finally decided on Sandstone Cove by Behr. It is a very soft neutral and I think I will like it so much better ~ I hope! : )     2.  Low cost update of our basement rec room • Paint walls • Clean carpet • Add recessed lighting • Purchase slipcovered furniture from Ikea 3.  Laundry room makeover • Finish painting walls that I started a very long time ago : ( • Paint concrete floor • Add some accessories, maybe something on the windows, etc. Our laundry room is in the basement. (pretty, huh?) It's a big room which is nice, but it is kind of dungeon-like! I would love to make it a little more pleasant to be

New Family Room Rug

The Blog Boss And A New Rug - a story of a cat and his home adventures - What's this, Mom, a new rug? Watch this, I'm gonna check it out ...  Okay, I approve...even got a little cat hair on it for ya! THE END Oh great...just what it needed...a little cat hair! So The Boss approves.  Now I would love to know what YOU think! Old Rug... New Rug... I was originally looking at the Dash and Albert rugs which I love but I couldn't find one that seemed just right for this room. Then I happened to see this one in a Pottery Barn catalog and the colors  looked perfect. It was less expensive than the Dash and Albert rugs too so I was pretty okay with that! I think it really pulls the room together. So do you agree with "The Blog Boss"? I would really love to know what you think 'cause  I know you all have awesome style! ~ JoAnne • • • joining • • • Metamorphosis Monday • Between Naps on the Po

Tutoring Resource

I recently became aware of the website StudyPoint .   This is a company that will match your child with an in-home  tutor in many academic areas. My son will enter High School next year.   High School!!  I know you all can relate to how fast they grow up. I just can't believe it! He is a smart boy and even takes some honors courses but we all know  how much more challenging school is these days and how much is expected of the students. It's nice to know that there are resources out there for additional help if needed. I don't even want to think about college yet but from what I hear, the competition to be accepted into a good college is so much higher than it used to be. StudyPoint can provide tutors for ACT and SAT preparation also. ••• just something to think about ••• We are having another warm, sunny day here in Ohio. So unusual for January but I'll take it! ~ I hope your weekend is sunny and bright too ~ ~~ JoAnne

Christmas Clearance

I usually try to find some bargains right after Christmas. This year, I didn't get much since we were out of town  but I did find a few things. I found this pretty vintage snowman towel at Sur le Table. ~ love the red ball fringe on the bottom ~ If you have one of these stores near you and you haven't been there, you might want to check it out. They have so many cute kitchen gadgets, dishes, linens, etc.  A great place for gifts too. At my local Meijer store, I bought these two ornaments... ~ she has such a sweet face, I just love her ~ ~ this Santa is very regal and I love the soft aqua/blue on him ~ ~ that Santa, he has good taste I tell ya ~ Unrelated to Christmas, I found this bottle of cumin at Target. I just thought the bottle was so charming ~ much better than the containers  most spices come in. They have a large selection of spices and some larger bottles also. That's it for my bargains. My kids went back to school
~~ wishing you all a wonderful new year ~~ ~ looking forward to a year of inspiration, creativity, beauty and sharing our homes with each other ~ ~ can't wait ~