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I have always loved the look of floors with a checkered pattern. Here are some pictures showing some that I think look really great.
I'm not sure if this is a front or back entry (due to the dog food bowls) but  either way it's very inviting. Traditional Entry by Petoskey Architects & Building DesignersPresley Architecture
Here's a large scale version that showcases the hardwood floors as  well as the checkered pattern. Traditional Kitchen by Montreal PhotographersLeona Mozes Photography
You know I love this blue and white floor. ♥ Traditional Laundry Room by Chino Hills Architects & Building DesignersToblesky-Green Architects
I like how the flooring in this entry/hallway area separates it  from the rest of the room. Rustic Entry by West Chester Architects & Building DesignersPeriod Architecture Ltd.
Classis black and white. Traditional Bathroom by Hattiesburg Architects & Building DesignersLawler Design Studio
So pretty. Farmhouse Kitchen
A checkered pattern can…


I love to layer comfy blankets and throws in the family room when the weather is so cold. As I'm writing this, it's negative 7 degrees outside - yikes! There was no school yesterday or today so we are  staying in as much as possible.

It feels so good to just curl up in the family room with pillows and cozy throws to keep us warm.
we even have a fluffy ball of fur on the back of the sofa : )

The other day I randomly set my little white chair in  the family room when I was mopping the kitchen floor. I liked how it looked in this room so I found a place for it  in this corner ~ I think it looks cute.

 I actually have a mantel for the fireplace but it needs to be painted.   We're going to remove the two little shelves that are so dated. I really should get busy doing that because I know it will look so much better. Plus I will have another spot to accessorize!!

A fire would be wonderful right now but that might mean going outside to get more wood from the pile.
hmmm ~ i'll …


Way, way back in October, I posted about choosing new counter stools. I finally chose an unfinished wood stool and as you can see, I started painting before I remembered to take a picture.

They were just plain, unfinished wood. When I received them, I was surprised and happy at how heavy,  sturdy and well made they are.   They came already assembled as well which was great.

So I painted them with my Annie Sloan chalk paint in Coco and added a simple design to the seats.

Then I finished them with just some regular furniture wax.

The chalk paint is so great to work with ~  you can achieve such a wonderful aged look with it.

 Below are the old stools that had seen better days.

 I like how the new ones look with our table and chairs  much better.

It took me forever to get these finished. They were more time consuming than I expected  so I'm very happy to be done!

Now we are just going to enjoy them!
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I found a very special place for us to spend Valentine's Day. It's an adorable cottage of course. Come on in and hang up your hat and your cute red bag. Rustic Laundry Room by Venice Architects & Building Designerstumbleweed and

Let's have a seat in the pretty living room where we can enjoy the
 beautiful red flowers and a red mystery drink while we chat. Rustic Living Room by Venice Architects & Building Designerstumbleweed and

Are you getting hungry? Join me in the kitchen while I make lunch. Rustic Kitchen by Venice Architects & Building Designerstumbleweed and
I'll be making some cupcakes for our dessert. Traditional Products by Venice Architects & Building Designerstumbleweed and
You wouldn't mind setting the table would you? Traditional Dinnerware by Venice Architects & Building Designerstumbleweed and
We can eat lunch on the enclosed porch and then enjoy some cherries and d…


Do you ever get it stuck in your head that you want something new and then you search and search for the perfect thing but just can't find it.
I have been looking for a new lamp for our family room and I haven't been able to find one that is the right style, the right height, the right price, etc.
This is the lamp that I wanted to replace.

So then I decided to try out a couple different lamps that were in my stash. I brought out this candlestick lamp that I've had for a million years and used the lamp shade from the lamp that had been there.  Not bad.

There was a brass ring around the top of the base which I wasn't crazy about so I thought I would hide it with a ribbon.   I think the ribbon added a little more cottage style to the lamp as well.

Sometimes just using what you have is the best solution of all.

I also changed the other accessories on the table for a fresh look.

The picture is of my husband as a little boy ~ isn't he adorable?

Here are a few of the lam…


I'm so excited! I recently heard that an Ikea is going to be built close to where I live. It's suppose to open in 2017. It will only be about a 15 minute drive for me compared to 2 hours  to get to the closest one now. Of course this news prompted about a 2 hour marathon perusing everything on the Ikea website.

Here are a few things that I really liked. NORDRANA Basket, set of 2  $9.99

RISATORP Wire Basket  $12.99

BYHOLMA Chest  $59.99

ALGOT Laundry Bag  $19.99

RISATORP Utility Cart  $59.99

GARNERA Serving Stand  $19.99
HELGONORT Cushion Cover  $10.00
DORTHY Cushion Cover  $10.00

So many great things ~ I could be in big trouble! Good thing the prices are so good, right?
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