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About three years ago, I showed you how I turned this little cubby unit and this bench into a sort of mudroom area by our back sliding doors. We never really ended up using it much for its intended purpose  so I decided to move it to our entryway. When we have guests this winter (just pretend I didn't say "winter") it will be handy to hang their coats here. Our entryway isn't terribly large and this bench is not very deep  so it fits nicely without making it too crowded. I had a little fun accessorizing too! I kept the wall by the door fairly simple with just my large window frame, a pot of geraniums, and a few other things I had around the house. The picture below is the view I see from the kitchen.  And this is what you would see from our living/family room. So now that we're ready for visitors, come on over! "The Boss" is watching for you!! Thanks so much for


Good Morning Everyone, Today I'm over at Must Love Junk as Susan's Saturday Spotlight. I just love Susan and her blog ~ you can just tell she is the sweetest person! I hope you can pop on over and read about my big secrets . . . well, maybe not big, but there are a couple things you probably don't know about me and may just surprise you a bit. If you click HERE , it will get you there!  ; ) I also want to show you the most darling little guest cottage I think I have ever seen.                  Farmhouse Garage And Shed  by  Columbus Photographers   Julie Ranee Photography When you see the inside, you won't believe it was originally a grain shed!                 Farmhouse Garage And Shed by Columbus Photographers Julie Ranee Photography Adorable, right? I think this would be a dream come true for anyone who loves  cozy cottage retro style.                Farmhouse Garage And Shed by Columbus Photographers Julie


When we remodeled our 2nd floor bathroom, a dormer was added to the front of our house to be able to enlarge the bathroom.  We also added a portico over the front door. I realized that I've never shown you how it all turned out on the outside. ~ so here is what it looked like prior to the remodel ~ ~ and here is what it looks like now ~ What do you think? We're so happy with how it turned out. We had a new roof and new siding done at the same time ~ things that were badly needed! I especially love how the portico turned out. I think it adds a lot of character and charm. Of course there are still things I would like to change. I would love a different style of front door, paint the porch, maybe add some shutters and window boxes, add to the landscaping, etc. We will get to those things eventually but for now we are enjoying the new look of our home. Can you find "The Blog Boss" in the photo below? I'm so glad you came by ~ all of your visits are s


I just received an order I had placed with The Outlet at Pine Cone Hill and I wanted to let you know about the great deals they have. This isn't a sponsored post, just wanted to share this with you. If you're looking for any kind of bedding, rugs, pillows, table linens, etc., you should check it out.  The prices really are outlet prices. See what I got? I love Dash and Albert rugs but they can be a bit expensive.  I was able to purchase this denim and ivory rug in a 4x6 for $78.  Another rug, this 2.5x8ft runner was $45. I really love the brown and blue plaid of this one. I also bought two of these beautiful euro shams for $11 each. Can you believe that? They're 26 inches and just so pretty. The reverse side has this dainty small print and tie closures. Many of the items are only available in limited sizes but if you find something you like and will work for you, it's a great deal. If you're interested in lo


I made a few changes at the end of the hallway  that leads to our master bedroom. After all, it had been the same way since January! Can you imagine?? this is the before . . . . . . and here it is now. The screen is an amish herb drying rack. I purchased it over a year ago at a shop we stopped at while on vacation.   I bought it to use as wall decor but just never found the right spot for it until now.  This hallway is kind of narrow so hanging the screen horizontally gives the illusion of the space being a little wider. I did dry brush a little white paint on the actual screen to give it a little softer look. I love the smooth, aged wood of the frame too. I added my HOME sign on top. Don't you think they look good together? I kept the white porcelain birds and added  my topiary to the little table. (We'll pretend the annoying light switch isn't there, okay?) I'm glad I finally found a