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New Hampshire Part 2 ~ Peterboro and Shopping

There are many quaint towns in New Hampshire. Peterboro was number one on our list to visit. You see, the first year we were married, hubby went to Peterboro on a business trip.  He thought it was such a cute town and he talked about how much he thought I would like it.  So it seemed appropriate to go there on our 20th anniversary. He was right. I loved it. The quintessential New England town. It was even the inspiration for the town in  Thorton Wilder's play "Our Town".

And yes, the weather was this beautiful every day we were there. Perfect. Magical, really.

Pretty waterfall.

The Peterboro Diner ~ best chocolate milkshakes ever!! I may have had one . . . or two.

Peterboro has an area called The Depot with lots of cute shops.

I really liked this one ~ Bowerbird & Friends.

Twin Elm Farm is an antique store just outside of town.

It occupies this house with attached barn ~ HUGE!

I spent a lot of time looking around.

So many goodies.

These dainty teacups were really sw…

New Hampshire Part 1 ~ The Hancock Inn

Hi Everyone,
Hubby and I were very fortunate to take a trip to New Hampshire at the
 end of September to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. I have always wanted to go to New England and I finally made it. We decided to stay in the little town of Hancock, NH at the Hancock Inn.

As you can see it's very old . . .

. . . and so very charming.

The Inn has 13 guest rooms and each one is unique. We stayed in the John Freeman Eaton Room. It was on the third floor along with creaky floors and windows that had to be propped open with a piece of wood - loved it!

Here are some more interior shots.
Every nook and cranny had something wonderful to look at.

Breakfast was included and was super yummy.
Fresh fruit and homemade granola were served every morning
and then you could select from a menu.
The French Toast was amazing.
I didn't take any pictures of the food - I guess I was too busy eating it!

They also have a wonderful dinner menu. I tried the apple parsnip soup one evening.   I wasn…