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Basement Reveal!!!

Hi You Guys,
As promised, I finally have the pictures to show  you of our low cost basement renovation. I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats!!  : }
So here it is ~ lots of picture ~ they're not as good
as I would like ~ so hard to get good pictures
in a basement!
(You can see the before pictures HERE)

Two Ikea Ektorp love seats for $379 each.   I really love these! Even if they don't stay completely stain free,  at least I can wash the slipcovers and they'll be fresh and clean. They are super comfortable too!

Do you know the loveseat in white is $100 cheaper than the other colors? And a replacement slipcover is only $39? I thought that was a great deal and a big factor in our decision to purchase the white ones.

This is the part some people think is the most important ~ the big TV!! The tv stand is also from Ikea and cost $49.

I don't usually like the game storage racks that are available so I bought two baskets and nailed  them to the wall for all of my son's games…

Down & Dirty (and Dingy too)

Hi Everyone,
I am so, so happy to tell you about our low cost basement/rec room
update which we are just about finished with. This project was one of the items on my Home Goals 2012 post
way back in January.

Here's a little peek but I don't want to show you 
everything until I have the decorating and a few
little projects completed.

Below are some before pictures which I'm almost
 embarrassed to show you but this was reality.
A random mess of mismatched furniture,
stained carpet, and dirty walls.  

The room was like this (only not quite as dirty)  when we moved here 5 years ago. It has been very much used and abused by two  children and their friends since then.

It has been way past due for a makeover but we were waiting until we thought the kids would be a little more responsible and careful  about taking care of things ~ we'll see how that goes!  : }

Hubby and I worked really hard on this over the summer  and I am beyond thrilled to have this done.

The walls have been painted Count…

Great Deals at Famous Footwear

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The Back Staircase

I'm not sure what it is,
 but I have always loved the idea of having a  back staircase into the kitchen.

Something about it just seems so sweet and quaint. I can just imagine wandering down those steps in my bathrobe
 to make coffee in the morning, can't you?

The kitchen above is from the movie Stepmom. You can see the back staircase in the background and notice how the staircase turns for the last few steps as you enter the kitchen.    I love this kitchen and the entire house, actually.  {This is one of my all time favorite movies ~ you must see it if you haven't already!}

If it's a winding staircase, then my heart really goes pitter-patter!

This last one is more modern, but lovely just the same.

My Grandmother lived in a farmhouse with a staircase into the kitchen. I can remember it so vividly ~ I just loved that!
Do you have a back staircase or any memories of one? I would love to hear about it!

Vintage Goods & Chocolate?

Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?
Well, there really is such a place and my daughter and I checked it out this week.  The temptation of chocolate and candy was the only way I could get her to go with me!
Here is the place in a beautiful little town not too far from me.

Isn't it just so cute?

If you don't want any wooden letters, they have the chocolate variety too!

In addition to real candy, there is plenty of eye candy!  : )

~ I think Emmy Lou is admiring the aqua jars ~

Loved this light blue wooden crate . . . it may have come home with me!

There were so many awesome vintage items that I forgot to  take pictures of the candy and chocolate. But don't worry, we didn't forget to buy some  and eat it on the way home - YUM!!
If you would like to know more about Motley Junket, you can visit their website HERE.

It was such a nice little afternoon with my daughter.
  I highly recommend it!

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Tweaking by the Kitchen Sink

I seem to make changes fairly often to this area in my kitchen. I spend so much time at the kitchen sink (you can relate, right?) that I like  to have something new, or just a new arrangement to look at from time to time.

So here is the latest . . .

. . . some of my favorite bowls, a couple wooden boards, and my white rooster.

Mr. Rooster got a little sprucing up lately too  with the addition of a ribbon and key around his neck!

Can you tell he's pretty proud of himself?

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Thanks for taking a look at my little corner by the kitchen sink.
What have you been tweaking lately?

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