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Marie Antoinette's Hamlet at Versailles

One of my favorite days from our trip to Europe last summer was the day we went to Versailles. The royal castle and gardens are truly magnificent and beyond anything you could imagine, but they were not the thing I enjoyed the most.

The part I enjoyed the most was a little ways beyond the main castle. It was down a quiet and peaceful meandering path. It's the place known as Marie Antoinette's Hamlet.

The hamlet was a small farm built as a rustic retreat for Marie Antoinette. It is made up of several buildings and cottages which surround a small lake.

This is where she could escape her responsibilities and the strict confines of the palace. It was a place where she could act out her fantasies.

Every cottage is surrounded by beautiful flowers and perfectly manicured gardens.

Picket fences and little gates just added to the charm and quaint feeling of the farm.

The weather was perfect that day with warm temperatures and a pleasant breeze. I could have stayed there all day . . . …

Free "Bonnie Plant Farm" Crate

Hi Everyone, We've been working our fingers to the bone doing yard work.   This past weekend was so gorgeous, we spent the entire two days outside  and I have been doing some work myself the last couple days as well.

 I wanted to show you something I picked up over the weekend at Home Depot. They had onion plants for sale and they were in these cute crates. I asked an employee what they do with the crates when they're empty and he said they throw them away.  So of course I asked if I could take one and he said I could - he only looked at me a little bit strangely. : )

 The red lettering is what really caught my eye. I started thinking of things I could do with it. It's not terribly sturdy so you couldn't use it for anything heavy but I think it's cute enough just on its own.

 It has a little wire latch if you want it to stay closed as well.

 You could use it indoors or out.  It looks kind of charming with a potted plant sitting inside.

If you have a potting bench,…

A Pretty Tea Towel

I have blogged about my love of pretty tea towels before and today I have a REALLY pretty one to show you.

The other day, I stopped in Sur La Table just to browse a bit and I love to  look at their pretty linens.

Their prices on most things are pretty high in my opinion but when I saw this linen kitchen towel with it's soft floral design, I had to have it.  It's a great size too at 28 x 18.

I decided to use it on my table under my favorite white basket. I think it adds just a touch of french loveliness if I do say so myself.

The sun streaming in that day just added to the look and brightened up my day.

Here is a link if you would like to see it on the website. Rose-Print Linen Kitchen Towel  $15 It also comes in navy and charcoal.
** no compensation for me ~ just sharing something pretty **

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