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Christmas Artwork of Thomas Kinkade

Do you like the artwork of Thomas Kinkade? I'll be honest and say that I never took much notice of it until recently.
Hometown Christmas

I happened upon this first painting online and I really loved it.
As I looked at more of his artwork, I started noticing a certain feeling.
Skater's Pond

It's that feeling that I think many of us strive to have in our homes and lives.
The Lights of Home

That feeling of a lovely, warm and welcoming place to call home.
Home for The Holidays

The place where we feel most comfortable and safe.
Blessings of Christmas

I chose a few of his Christmas paintings to share with you today.
These especially evoked that feeling within me.
Of course there are many, many more.
If you are not already familiar with his work, I promise you will
find something that you love.

take a look

"A home with warmly lit windows is a resting place for the heart.  It's a dream
worth holding onto, a peaceful vision for our friends, our families, o…

Cottage Kitchens for Christmas

My favorite room to decorate for Christmas is the kitchen. I also love to see other cottage style kitchens and how they are decked out for the holidays. Here are some that I found that have that special something that makes them so welcoming, especially at this time of the year.

So cute how the ornaments (or cookies?) are hanging from a branch in the window. source
Isn't this island wonderful?
All it needs is a big wreath to say Christmas. source

This kitchen has a lot going on ~ I love all of the red! source
I really love every one of these.

I hope you all enjoy this last week leading up to Christmas.
Christmas Eve is one week from today.
Thanks so much for taking some time out to visit!


Christmas Home Tour 2015

Welcome to my home all ready for the holidays. I hope you enjoy my little tour ~ I have loved seeing so many homes decorated so beautifully for Christmas.

~ a view of the entryway ~

~ kitchen and dining area ~

. . . love this little lambie guy . . . 

. . . had to get this picture quick while there were still a few candy canes left . . .

~ living room ~

. . . Christmas duck watching over the tree . . .

My Favorite Decoration So Far

Like many of you, I have been working on Christmas decorating this week. Little by little, it's coming together.  I'm hoping to be all done very soon but so far, this is my favorite vignette.

My kitchen is my favorite room to decorate. I remembered seeing this white, messily painted board in our garage and I thought it might work as kind of a tray for the area behind the sink.

I thought about giving it a quick coat of white paint to freshen it up but then I decided I kind of liked the imperfect look.  

I used mostly white items, added some greenery, a little bit of red, and a touch of blue.

I like it so far ~ except that cranberry on the right in the above photo is looking a little squishy ~ I may have to change that!  : )

I want to be all done by the 9th so I can join the Christmas Open House Party hosted by Common Ground and Cozy Little House. Hope to see you there!

Have a Great Weekend!