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A Mantel for the Family Room Fireplace

I'm so happy to report that we finally have a mantel on our family room fireplace.  It was one of those smaller jobs that just took us forever to get around to.

This photo below shows what the fireplace looked like at the first showing we attended.

Of course you can see that we removed the brass doors and painted the stone. You can also see the two little funky concrete shelves that needed to be removed but that left the problem of how to fill the holes that would remain.

Well, hubby was able to remove the two shelves easily enough and I came up with the idea of using spray foam to fill the holes and then sort of sculpt it  to match the existing stone. I didn't take any pictures of that wonderfully messy process but I am actually shocked that it worked as well as it did. After painting my fake stones, I don't think anyone would ever know unless I told them ~ at least I hope so.

So then hubby installed a basic mantel that we purchased at Home Depot. I did give it a coat of…

The Best New Year's Resolution Of All

Last January, I found these words written by Paula Driesell of the blog Locksley Lane.   I think she's so right that we should make time to be alone with our thoughts, destress a little,  think about what is most important to us, and put things into perspective.   Just a few minutes a day can make a difference in many areas of our crazy lives. Here's what she had to say:
"Let's face it, sometimes life is hard.   Life doesn't always go the way we plan it.   For most people, life is pretty chaotic and unfortunately - pretty stressful.   We lose the joy in life and lack the ability to find comfort in little things.   We are always looking for the next solution that will make our situation better.   We lack peace. 
 If we are constantly running, working and talking  we miss out on the small things in life.   We have to make time to be quiet and listen.   Listen to that little voice inside your head.   Feel that small little nudge guiding you to change  directions or stay t…