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A Clean Kitchen

This is my son's senior year and we have been in the thick of
college visits, applications, and senior year activities. Lots to do and I know this year is going to fly by.

Things are a little less crazy at the moment so I've had a little time
to do some fluffing and puttering around the house .
A great way to spend some time in my opinion ; )
This morning the sun was shining in so beautifully.

It motivated me to give the kitchen a good cleaning.

It felt so good to have the counters clean and sparkling . . .

. . . and the table cleared off with only a simple centerpiece left in the middle.

I filled this bowl with some shiny red apples.

This old fruit crate came from the Country Living Fair. Of course the blue label is what caught my eye.

Now it is on my counter filled with some of my favorite kitchen accessories and a little fall color.

I even lit a candle placed in a favorite little teacup.

Don't you love a nice, clean kitchen?

I may even cook dinner tonight!!

I hope you&…

New Hampshire in the Fall

Two years ago, hubby and I went to New Hampshire for our twentieth wedding anniversary.   It was a wonderful trip and this time of year brings back those memories for me. So today I am reminiscing about New England in the fall with some of my  favorite photos from two years ago.

~ The Hancock Inn ~

~ Old Cemeteries ~

~ Antique Houses ~

~ Churches ~