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A Clean Kitchen

This is my son's senior year and we have been in the thick of
college visits, applications, and senior year activities.
Lots to do and I know this year is going to fly by.

Things are a little less crazy at the moment so I've had a little time
to do some fluffing and puttering around the house .
A great way to spend some time in my opinion ; )

This morning the sun was shining in so beautifully.

It motivated me to give the kitchen a good cleaning.

It felt so good to have the counters clean and sparkling . . .

. . . and the table cleared off with only a simple centerpiece left in the middle.

I filled this bowl with some shiny red apples.

This old fruit crate came from the Country Living Fair.
Of course the blue label is what caught my eye.

Now it is on my counter filled with some of my favorite kitchen
accessories and a little fall color.

I even lit a candle placed in a favorite little teacup.

Don't you love a nice, clean kitchen?

I may even cook dinner tonight!!

I hope you're enjoying some beautiful fall days!

~ JoAnne

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  1. I DO love a nice clean kitchen. There is just something about a white kitchen, too,that makes it seem even cleaner than a wood toned kitchen. (naturally I have a wood toned I love the pops of aqua in your kitchen, too. It is just lovely...all of it. Good luck with the senior---life changes fast, doesn't it? xo Diana

  2. I LOVE your kitchen! It's so cozy. And I'm in love with your pretty table and chairs. Doesn't get any better than that!

  3. I love a clean kitchen especially yours. ;) Yours always looks serene and beautiful.

  4. I hate cleaning the house, but the feeling I get afterwards is worth it. Love a clean house.

  5. I love a clean kitchen. Your is very sweet in white with aqua touches. xoxo Su

  6. Your kitchen is beatiful, JoAnne! I love all the sweet blue little accents. What did you cook for dinner:) ?

  7. I've always loved your kitchen, JoAnne. I love a white, clean kitchen too!! Your kitchen was my inspiration to paint my cabinets white which I did almost a year ago! Thank you!

  8. JoAnne your kitchen is so pretty and sparkly. Don't you love when things are clean and shinny.

  9. Seeing your incredibly clean, gorgeous, uncluttered kitchen makes me want to get in mine to finish painting. Not that it needs it or anything. Cabinets will be white and not sure yet what walls will be. I'd love to get some bead board to put up for back splash and on top of cupboards which would be painted very light aqua. Have aqua in living room which is very much seen from kitchen.
    I always feel better when kitchen and bathroom are cleaned. Can't stand them to be dirty or messy even.
    Your home always looks like you just cleaned it, how do you do that?So clean and uncluttered, serene, love it.
    Our daughter just went thru the senior year deal and now our grand daughter is at college at Dominican U. by San Rafael, CA. She's having hard time dealing with daughter gone. They talk alot on phone. When our kids (4) left they stayed close to where we lived in San Diego area, saw them often. It would be hard to have a kid so far away. Have great weekend

  10. I only clean on bright sunny days. I have trouble seeing well enough to do a good job cleaning when it's gray outside. & I just have added energy on sunny days! I love your kitchen. Mine is all white with bright blue walls & pops of red & yellow.

  11. You have a beautiful kitchen and the light flowing in makes it a really happy room.

  12. You've got such a pretty kitchen and the pops of blue make it shine! Love the sweet teacup and your new purchase from the CLF!

  13. Yes, a clean kitchen is always nice. I like your pretty pops of blue in yours.

  14. I totally get it...there's nothing like a clean kitchen! Yours is gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful kitchen! I love all the white with the touches of blue!

  16. Hi Joanne! Oh yes, a clean kitchen is a happy place for sure. Yours is charming - love the pops of blue. Jane

  17. You can't clean your kitchen everyday because your son is a senior? Lol, what a great sense of humor!!!!!!

  18. A clean kitchen is (almost) everything! :) And yours is just beautiful. I found you via Wow us Wednesday...

  19. Beautiful! and yes,it is nice to have a clean and sparkling kitchen! It is amazing how day to day living gets in the way of getting and keeping the kitchen pristine....

  20. Jo- you have such a beautiful kitchen! It's so light and bright and spotless, too! : - )

    Haven't we had DREAMY perfect fall weather? I don't recall ever living a better one in all my years.

    Hope you are enjoying each moment. ♥

  21. Wow, this is just lovely! I found you on JES's mention on her link-up. So thankful to have "met" you! God bless you. :)

  22. Good morning! Just wanted to let you know we have FEATURED this lovely post today on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. Have a lovely week!

  23. Joanne...What lovely inspiration! Love the colors and creative display. Visiting from Strangers & Pilgrims On Earth. On Mondays, you're invited to share your posts at WJIM's Monday's Musings ( Have a great week. :-)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Naomi, and the invite to your Monday's Musings!

  24. I would love to know where to purchased both your blue shelf in the eat in kitchen area. And the off white shelf hanging in the hall.

    1. Hi Kathy - the blue shelf was a yard sale find, it was a light pink so I painted it. I found the shelf in the hall at Homegoods and I painted it as well. Thanks for visiting!

  25. It's the simple pleasures that are the greatest.... Like a nice sparkling clean kitchen. Enjoy it!

    1. You're so right, the simple pleasures are often the best!

  26. Your kitchen looks wonderful. Senior years are so busy, I agree. Mine have left the nest, and we downsized to our smaller house, but it's a fairly new ranch. I love the one story living!


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