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Master Bedroom Changes

Hi Everyone,
I have made some changes to our master bedroom over the last several months so I finally took some pictures to show you.

One of the changes that made a big difference was adding curtain panels. Before we only had the faux wood blinds on the window.

I happened upon these curtains at Target and thought they were so pretty. They weren't very expensive and the fabric is really nice. I didn't even have to iron them!

They made a big difference in the feel of the room. It's much more inviting and cozy now.

Another change was moving this chair from the family room into the bedroom. It replaces a wicker rocking chair and is much more comfortable.

It's nice to have a quiet place to sit in the bedroom and read or watch something on my iPad. It's my little getaway from the video games and sports which seem to be a constant on our tv.

 We also bought new lamps. The ones we had really did not provide enough light and not that I'm getting older or anything (cough, cough) but I'm…

A Happy and Peaceful Mother's Day

I really love these word that I found on a  Mother's Day card. They really touched my heart and express how I feel about my children.

Mother's Day can be a difficult day for many people  for various reasons.   I get that.   There were many years that were very sad for me.   I hope you can find some peace today and do  something special for yourself  - you so deserve it!
xxxooo JoAnne