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Home For The Holidays ~ Entry, Family Room and Kitchen

I have always loved the phrase "Home for the Holidays". Even though we are taking a short trip right before Christmas, we will be back in time to enjoy Christmas at home.

Of course, home can be wherever the people I love will be.
That's the most important thing and the most necessary ingredient.

But I don't mind if it also includes a cute little reindeer.

And a decorated mantel.

A Christmas tree, of course.

Pretty packages.

And a cozy kitchen with little bits of Christmas sprinkled around.

Christmas also includes our cute kitty with visions of sugarplums dancing
in his little head . . . or kitty treats, whichever.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.
I know there are so many beautiful homes to visit right now.

Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright!

- joining -


Christmas In Our Dining Nook

Uh-Oh! It's almost here. Are you all scrambling to be ready for the big day like I am?

It will all get done - at least good enough, right? That's what I keep telling myself.

We're actually going on a short ski trip right before Christmas. I'm not sure who's crazy idea that was! With our oldest being in college now, it's more difficult to find  a time when we can do things as a family.

So my deadline is very near. I need to have everything ready before we leave.

But don't worry (just in case you would) - I won't be skiing. You can find me in the lodge by the fire with a warm drink.

Sounds very relaxing about right now.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures of our simple dining nook as I rambled on
and I hope to share a little more of Christmas at our house before we leave on our trip.

Have a wonderful and productive week with hopefully a little bit of
relaxation and enjoyment of the season mixed in.

Thanks a bunch for visiting!

- joining -


Boxes and Baskets Christmas Tree

Hi Everyone,
I recently saw THIS POST about a Christmas tree made with old toolboxes and crates.  I thought it was soooo cute and thought I could make something similar with some of my old boxes and baskets. Here is what I came up with.

I think it turned out kind of cute. I placed it in this formerly plain and boring corner near our back sliding doors.

I love how quick and easy it was too. The basket I used as one of the layers did give me fits though since it is not completely flat so it was making the "tree" lean to one side. A little bit of maneuvering and I finally got it to stand up straight.

I topped it with a mini tree.

I found this jingly bell star at Joann's the other day and attached it to the (unruly) basket. It fits in well with the rustic look.

So there you have it. A quick and (mostly) easy tree made from boxes and baskets. And don't you love when you can use things you already have? The only thing I purchased was the star ornament.

It turned this plai…