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Happy Thanksgiving

Among the many things I am thankful for is all of you. My life has been enriched by having a community in which to share my love of creating a warm and welcoming home. Thank you!
Eclectic Spaces by Brooklyn PhotographersCorynne Pless

The Cottage I Want To Buy

Sometimes I think it's fun to look at homes for sale in areas around where we live.   I know you guys understand that since you love houses and decorating and nesting like I do.  I happened upon this one in the charming small town of Granville, Ohio.

To me, this is a quintessential cottage. I mean, look at that front porch and the gorgeous blooming hydrangeas. I love the old driveway with the two little lanes for the tires and grass in between.

Isn't that a pretty front door? 

It's even painted blue ~ I think that's a sign.

Come on in and I'll show you around.

Nice size living and dining rooms.

The floors are beautiful and everything looks to be in very good condition. We could move right in.

Upstairs, there are 3 cozy bedrooms.

So cute how the bed is tucked in under the eaves in the room below.

This bathroom is beautifully updated.

I saved my favorite part for last so let's head back downstairs.

This kitchen and sitting area looks so charming and cozy and jus…