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The Cottage I Want To Buy

Sometimes I think it's fun to look at homes for sale in areas around where we live. 
 I know you guys understand that since you love houses and decorating and nesting like I do.
 I happened upon this one in the charming small town of Granville, Ohio.

To me, this is a quintessential cottage.
I mean, look at that front porch and the gorgeous blooming hydrangeas.
I love the old driveway with the two little lanes for the tires and grass in between.

Isn't that a pretty front door? 

It's even painted blue ~ I think that's a sign.

Come on in and I'll show you around.

Nice size living and dining rooms.

The floors are beautiful and everything looks to be in very good condition.
We could move right in.

Upstairs, there are 3 cozy bedrooms.

So cute how the bed is tucked in under the eaves in the room below.

This bathroom is beautifully updated.

I saved my favorite part for last so let's head back downstairs.

This kitchen and sitting area looks so charming and cozy and just shouts out cottage style to me.

I have a feeling I would spend most of my time in here.
I'm loving the painted floors . . .

. . . and the fireplace.

And of course, any cottage has to have an adorable
enclosed porch for those morning cups of coffee in the summer.

It doesn't stop there, either.
The cottage charm even extends into the backyard.

Can't you envision having lunch out here in the summer?
I'm sure there wouldn't be any bugs since this is the perfect cottage after all.

And it's complete with a pretty white archway ~ so welcoming.

Yep, I can see hubby and myself pulling into this little driveway
and we can argue over who gets to park in the garage.

Please perfect cottage, still be for sale when the kids have all left home
and we're ready for you.  I promise I would love you and take care of you
and appreciate all of your cottage goodness everyday.
Really, I would!

- it doesn't hurt to dream -

Have a wonderful week everyone!
~ JoAnne

- joining -


  1. This is definitely a dreamy cottage, JoAnne. :)

  2. Absolutely charming! The fireplace in the kitchen/sitting room....yes! Thanks for sharing this home tour with us, JoAnne.

  3. Oh, HOW CUTE!!! I love it all- it is just a perfect little cottage. That driveway reminds me of the one my hubby's grandmother had- when all families only had one car and "paved" the two tracks that led back to the garage. xo Diana

  4. Hi Jo- oh that is just tooooo cute! Trying to remember exactly where Granville is - how far from Powell.....

    I keep telling hubs I am ready to downsize into a cottage but he freaks out - he likes a big house for entertaining and a big yeard for privacy and a big basement for all his hobbies and crafts. Wish I could afford both a cottage and keep this, but that's a dream for sure. Well done- love this cottage you found! ♥♥♥

  5. This is a darling cottage! I love to look online at homes for sale in areas near where we live or where we might want to live in the future. This one is a cutie. Love that kitchen!

  6. Oh, my! How lovely! The only thing I would change about it is it would need a second bathroom off the master bedroom. Otherwise, how perfect it is! I hope you get to live there someday. :) Keep the faith!!

  7. This is such a sweet and cozy cottage. Love everything about this one. Thanks for sharing this with us too.
    I hope you find her again some day soon. She is so cute and full of charm.

  8. I love this cottage! It reminds me of the house I grew up in. Someday I would love to live in a cottage like this too.

  9. Charming!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  10. Absolutely lovely little cottage - just the right size!!

  11. Oh my goodness, how totally charming! Dreaming is lovely, isn't it?

  12. Oh, how I love this! Thanks for sharing. I want to buy a cottage like this too. Hope we both get our dreams of living in one some day. Have a great week, JoAnn.

  13. Hi JoAnne, I am visiting from Amaze me Monday. The cottage is wonderful, I love it! Everything about it, the porch, that darling driveway and everything really.
    Have a great week,

  14. I can't get enough of looking at sweet, adorable cottages, farmhouses etc.....Like you, it's a favorite thing (obsession) I have too! I always tell my hubby, if I were a multi-millionaire where money is no option, I would buy a cute little drive through town and fix it all up!! One can only imagine......Blessings~~~Roxie

  15. I was remembering so many things from when I was a child, we lived in Cleveland OH. I was born there in 1940. Wonder if house we lived in is still there. This cottage is so perfect, would be so happy to live in it. Can tell it's been very well taken care of. Pride of ownership as real estate people say. Not too sure about that steep stair case as arthritis has captured too many of my joints.Have both phony knees, soon to have right shoulder replaced. I could sure see hubs and I living in that house as it is for rest of our lives. It just says home and welcome, caring. would love that house. Guess my mid western early upbringing is hollering for it's chance to remember.We moved to Tucson when I was 10 due to my brother's health, terrible asthma.
    So glad you shared this wonderful house with us. Can wish for it myself. Happy week

  16. This is a cute cottage! Janice

  17. Oh wouldn't that be a dream! Love this cottage.

  18. what an amazing cottage. love the look of this sweet place!

  19. Soooo charming, JoAnne. Be still my cottage-loving heart! I know Granville very well, having lived in Columbus 14 years. This cottage could almost make me want to move back. Almost. $290K is out of my price range though. Good thing. :) (I see it is sold. Phew! Just missed that one. LOL)

  20. I can see why you love it! It is so charming. Even that color is your favorite!

  21. Beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

  22. Hi Joanne, Just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring this on Idea Box tomorrow! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. What a sweet cottage. I just love that color. I can see why you fell in love with it. It's charming. I live in a sweet little victorian cottage too. Right now it's white but this one has me dreaming in color. Thanks for sharing.


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