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When I saw these aprons I thought they might put us all in the mood for cooking. **  Traditional Aprons by New York Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Birdkage  ** Aren't they cute? I'm ready for some turkey and stuffing and pumpkin' pie. How about you? ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙ ☙  Wishing you all a Happy and Yummy Thanksgiving!


For the fourth and last post on our trip to New Hampshire, I'm taking us back to Hancock where we started. Hancock is a very small town, more like a village really. Only about 200 residents reside in the main part of the town. THE HISTORIC HANCOCK INN Directly across the street from the Inn is the Hancock Market. A quaint little grocery store ~ just what you would expect in a little New England town. A little further down the street is this pond. The water was like a mirror that day. So calm and beautiful, perfectly reflecting its surroundings. Here is the town burial ground with it's granite stones. Some date back to the very early 1800's. They almost tell the stories of families that lived here. Some are very sad ~ so many young children. This view is from the burial ground looking back up Main Street. The library is only open three days a week so plan your book borrowing needs accordingly.  : } One morning I took a leisurely stroll so I could ad


~  just a few simple touches of fall decor around my house  ~ ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧  ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧  ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧    ❧  Aren't you loving the cozy feeling that fall brings? ~ sharing here ~  BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH ~ MET MONDAY DWELLINGS-THE HEART OF YOUR HOME ~ AMAZE ME MONDAY A STROLL THRU LIFE ~ INSPIRE ME TUESDAY COZY LITTLE HOUSE ~ TWEAK IT TUESDAY


One of the towns we drove to while in New Hampshire was Jaffrey. Look how pretty the drive was.  You can see the Monadnock Mountains in the distance. An area of Jaffrey has been established as the Jaffrey Center Historic District. This is the Meeting House which was raised in 1775. It was used for town meetings and church services. The first church in Jaffrey. Hubby is reading this sign about  The Old Burying Ground. ~ as you can see, this stone is from the year 1800 ~ The historic or "Antique" homes have little placques with the year they were built. Do you see the '1790' on the chimney? This adorable house has a sign with the year 1830 right next to the flag. After walking around for awhile, those adirondack chairs looked very inviting. Such a lovely place and again we had picture perfect weather ~ just look at that beautiful blue sky! I hope you can stand one more post about


I saw this kitchen on Houzz  recently and I thought it was just so cute and filled with so much character. I hope you enjoy it maybe while drinking  your coffee this morning. Traditional Spaces by Morrow Kitchen & Bath Designers The Workshops of David T. Smith ~ gorgeous farmhouse sink and look how the sun is streaming in through the large windows - not a bad view outside either ~ Traditional Spaces by Morrow Kitchen & Bath Designers The Workshops of David T. Smith ~ love this island ~ Traditional Spaces by Morrow Kitchen & Bath Designers The Workshops of David T. Smith Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!