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We're heading to Washington DC for spring break.   We're hoping to see some beautiful cherry blossoms like these. We were in DC for a couple days a few years ago. The monuments and memorials are so awe inspiring. Our two kiddos really liked it so we decided to go back this year. They were troopers about all of the walking but they did get pretty worn out as you can see here. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! ~ ~ JoAnne




Hi Everyone,       I'm doing a little spring decorating and I've gotten a few new things recently.  Most are from everyone's favorite (and mine too!) Homegoods or TJMaxx. {Just love the bunny with the little pink sweater!}        So I'll be playing house today and deciding where to put everything.  Fun! Hope you have a fun Saturday! ~ ~ JoAnne

Blog Spot and a Blog Boss

     I always think it's fun when you all show where you do your blogging so I thought I would show my spot today.  This area of our home is kind of an extension off of the eating area.  It's kind of an odd space.  The previous owners used it as a living room and this is what it looked like then.        At that time, the only way to get to the backyard was to go through the garage.  So when we updated this area, we added sliding doors and decided to use this space for our computer desk.  This is what it looks like now. {my blog spot} Across from the desk is this two-sided fireplace.   It took a while to figure out what to do here.   I've tried to turn it into a cozy little spot by the fire.        By the way, did I mention that I have a Blog Boss?   Do you see him? Oh yes, there he is. Oh, must be time for lunch.  Gotta go!  Boss never misses a meal!! So do you have a Blog Boss?  I would love to hear about it or anything else you would like to comment


A few months ago I went to Ikea and one of the things I had to have when I saw it was this large white enamel pitcher . . . Isn't it pretty?  I really love how versatile it is.  It could be used in almost any room and with many different decorating styles.  I am currently using mine in my bathroom . . . But then I started noticing something.  As I was hopping around in blogland, I was seeing this same Ikea pitcher in many places. Here it is at French Farmhouse 425 with Christmas greenery . . . I spotted it in two different sizes at Sea Cottage  ... And Jennifer Rizzo has it on the counter of her amazing  transformed kitchen . . . Doesn't it look great in all of these spaces?  Check them out if you have a chance! So do you have one of these versatile pitchers or have you spotted one in blogland?  I would love to see how it is being used in other spaces so please let me know.   It is so nice to hear from you.   ~ ~ JoAnne

Room Tours at The Inspired Room

Hi Everyone,      Melissa at The Inspired Room has started a new feature on her blog call "Room Tours".   I love this feature because the main reason I started reading blogs is because I love seeing other peoples' homes and how they decorate them.  Now for the best part (for me anyway) - my kitchen is one of the rooms featured!  I am just so thrilled, especially being a new blogger - this is just so much fun for me!!       You can check out Room Tours HERE .  Melissa includes a really nice description with each room she features.        If you would like to submit a room of your own to be featured, you can do that also.  Thank you so much Melissa!  You have made me a happy girl today!!  : )          ~ ~ JoAnne

Million Dollar After School Treat

Every now and then I make a special after school treat for my two kids.  They both love strawberries and they really REALLY love whipped cream.  So the other day I took a couple of these... Some of these... And a can of this... And made this... Such a simple thing but the big smiles and "Thank You Mom" that I get in response are worth a million bucks!   It makes my day! I am joining Simple Pleasures at A Collection of This and That . This is such a great idea - a way to remind us to take pleasure in everyday things and sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference.  Thank you Dayle!