Blue Kitchen Cabinets 2017

I have done a couple posts on kitchens with
blue cabinetry in the past, after all it is my favorite color.
It has been awhile though, so today I have rounded up some more
 amazing kitchens with cottage style that also incorporate blue in
 the design.


The kitchen above and the one below have white upper cabinets
and soft shades of blue on the lower ones.
This is a nice way to use blue without going overboard or ending up
with something that you would get tired of quickly.

Finding the right shade of blue would be key and using a lot of white
and wood tones along with it creates a beautiful and timeless look.

Isn't the kitchen above just so very unique?
It has sort of a french country feeling but in an updated way.
Wish there was a better picture of the script that's on the wall
 on the right.

This kitchen is from Remodelondo la Casa and I've always thought
the watery blue/green color on the island is just so pretty.

These two kitchens have a little more of a primitive look to them
which works great with blue.
Don't you love that "Saltbox Inn" sign?
Don't miss the cute puppy sleeping by the warm stove - so sweet : )

Yellow is still a classic color to combine with blue.
It never fails to make a room more cheerful and it's
 especially nice for spring.

Touches of black or charcoal also work very well with blue.
The counters below look like soapstone which I think
is a great look.

I do think this last kitchen is very charming but I must admit
I chose it mainly for the doggie peaking his head above the table.
I think he wants some of those raspberries!

Would you ever consider blue cabinets in your kitchen?
If you love blue like I do, it could be a tempting choice.

Have a wonderful week everyone!





  1. JoAnne I have always loved your bus kitchen! Blue is one of my favorite colors as well and I have it thru out our home more so than at our last home. I think I am even going to be painting our island blue.

  2. They are o beautiful! Reminds me a little of The Holiday...remember how pretty that kitchen was in the movie?

  3. Love the blue cabinets. I am thinking about doing blue on the bottom and maybe white on the top for the next house. Love that color combo.
    Have a great new week.

  4. I love blue cabinets and when we lived in FL many years ago I had sea-salt blue kitchen cabinets and I LOVED them. They made me smile every time I looked around my kitchen. Thanks for all the sweet pictures of great looking kitchens. xo Diana

  5. All of my growing years up my grandmother had blue cabinets in her kitchen. Hers was the color of the cabinets in the picture with the blue ceiling and the puppy by the stove. Then, when I married, my mother-in-law had a slightly lighter blue on her farmhouse kitchen. Both of those kitchens provided me with lots of warm memories.

  6. I really love shades of blue cabinets with wood floors or wood countertops. I like the idea of blue lower cabinets and white uppers. All the kitchens you've featured are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, JoAnne!

  7. Blue for cabinets would be lovely. I like the lighter shades.

    Our kitchen has green cabinets with couple of ivory thrown in for contrast. Our builder was not sure, his designer wife skeptical but we get so many compliments. And after we moved in and he could see our decor, he did say then that it made sense! Love our kitchen.

    X Chy

  8. I actually hesitated quite a while between blue and white cabinets. Lovely inspiration pictures.

  9. These kitchens are all so pretty. My husband and I were just talking the other day about painting the kitchen cabinets. I love the photo from Better Homes and Gardens where they have the white cabinets up top and then the pale blue lower ones. I think I'd like to do something like that. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy

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  13. After using that kitchen cabinet the kitchen gets a good transformation. Especially I like that decorate you have done at the edge of the wall by using plates. It really manages some space from that kitchen room.


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