Window Treatments in the Kitchen

Recently I posted about my new window treatments in our dining nook.
Our kitchen windows got treated to the same valances so I'm back
to show you how they look.

These were so much easier to hang since I was able to use tension rods -
one of the greatest inventions ever!

It's nice to have a cohesive look from the kitchen through
to the dining nook.

While we're in the kitchen, I thought I would show you that we finally got 
a Keurig Coffee Maker.  It was a family Christmas gift and we are
all enjoying it.  I chose the pretty white model.

Then of course a rearrangement of the entire counterspace ensued and
there was also the issue of where to store all the little Keurig pods.

It occurred to me that my wooden box with the drawer might work.
And guess what?
 They fit perfectly!
I think it was just meant to be - some sort of coffee 
pod and wooden box fate : )

Now that we have the valances hung and the coffeemaker and 
coffee pod issues settled, all is right with the kitchen.
I know you're relieved : )

Have A Wonderful Weekend!



  1. So pretty, JoAnne. I always love peeking at your kitchen!

  2. Inviting and warm, JoAnne! I had a giggle over the kitchen arranging; so like me! One new thing comes in, and the entire space gets a remake at my house. :D

  3. Those are perfect for your home! Tension rods have always been a wonderful friend of mine. My Keurig stopped working after about a month. I need to see what I can do to fix it. Went back to using my old coffee maker from my TX days.

  4. Hey it's the little things that make the world go round. The right curtains and the perfect spot for coffee pods is important. :) I love your new valances!

  5. Love your sweet valance over your kitchen window. So pretty. Love the white Keurig too. I am going to get a white one to replace my old one when we move. Love that it comes in white now. Cute spot to hide the pods too. Looks great. Happy Weekend.

  6. Your kitchen is just lovely and the sweet drawer is just perfect Happy Sunday with love Janice

  7. It's always a pleasure to see pictures of your kitchen. The valances are a nice addition.

  8. I love your beautiful new valance! That looks so good. I like having things flow nicely from room to room too. Your coffee maker is nice as well. We have one and love it. That box with the drawer is a great storage place for the little pods. Great idea!

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