Free "Bonnie Plant Farm" Crate

Hi Everyone,
We've been working our fingers to the bone doing yard work.
  This past weekend was so gorgeous, we spent the entire two days outside
 and I have been doing some work myself the last couple days as well.

 I wanted to show you something I picked up over the weekend at Home Depot.
They had onion plants for sale and they were in these cute crates.
I asked an employee what they do with the crates when they're empty and
he said they throw them away.  So of course I asked if I could take one
and he said I could - he only looked at me a little bit strangely. : )

 The red lettering is what really caught my eye.
I started thinking of things I could do with it.
It's not terribly sturdy so you couldn't use it for anything heavy
but I think it's cute enough just on its own.

 It has a little wire latch if you want it to stay closed as well.

 You could use it indoors or out. 
It looks kind of charming with a potted plant sitting inside.

If you have a potting bench, it would work well for
 storing small gardening tools.
So many possibilities.

Of course the best part is that it was free.

Kitty loves to be outside with me when I'm working.
So the moral of the story is that if you're at Home Depot
and you spot one of these cuties, it could be yours simply for asking.
The second moral of the story is that if you have teenagers and they are with you,
don't even think about it - they tend to frown on this type of behavior!  ) :

Thanks a bunch for visiting!
- joining -

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  1. How exciting! Someday that guy will spy one of those crates in an antique shop and wish he'd kept one himself. :)

  2. This is super cute, JoAnne! I love finding unique ways to pot my plants! Lots of yard work going on here, too!


  3. What a great idea JoAnne. I always love planting flowers in unique things for the garden. This is awesome.
    Happy New Week.

  4. Have you been running ideas thru your head of ways to use this handy little crate at other times of year? And -- you only asked for one crate - are you crazy girl? - if they're free and they throw them out, go back and get more, lol. Hmmm wonder if our Home Depot has them?
    Hubs has gotten so he takes hold of my shirt if I ask embarrassing to him questions. What is wrong with people anyway, waste not, want not. Your lovely plant looks great in crate. Your kitty s so gorgeous.
    Happy rest of week

  5. What a wonderful crate!! I think you either love stuff like that or you just don't get it. Nothing in between. My husband doesn't understand why I love some of the things I love either. I guess you have to feel sorry for them. Lol!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  6. Cute box, You will
    Laurafind all kinds of things to put in it

  7. Great idea, it looks really cute!

  8. So clever of you to just ask for the crate and so cute filled with flowers.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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