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Home Goals 2012

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow, January 11th, Nesting Place is having its
 second annual Home Goals linky party.
So I've been thinking about the projects I would like
 to achieve in our home this year.

1.  Paint our master bedroom
Currently it is painted a very pale green and
 I have wanted to change that for a long time now.
  I have finally decided on Sandstone Cove by Behr.
It is a very soft neutral and I think I will like it so much better ~ I hope! : )
2.  Low cost update of our basement rec room
• Paint walls
• Clean carpet
• Add recessed lighting
• Purchase slipcovered furniture from Ikea

3.  Laundry room makeover
• Finish painting walls that I started a very long time ago : (
• Paint concrete floor
• Add some accessories, maybe something on the windows, etc.
Our laundry room is in the basement.
(pretty, huh?)
It's a big room which is nice, but it is kind of dungeon-like!
I would love to make it a little more pleasant to be in since
I get to spend so much time doing wonderful loads of laundry!
• • • • • • •
We do have another very big project that we hope to at least start this year.
We remodeled the first floor shortly after we moved here.
Now we would like to do the second floor.
It has 3 bedrooms (the master is on the first floor) and one 
very old teensy tiny bathroom.
(See what I mean?)
We won't be doing most of the work ourselves (thankfully) but
it will be a very involved project.
More on that later once we get an estimate and get over the shock of
how much it is going to cost!
• • • • • • •
Do you have a list of projects for this year?
There is always something that needs to be done, right?
Don't forget, you can link up your Home Goals for 2012 at
The Nesting Place on Wednesday, January 11th.

~ JoAnne


  1. Joanne:

    I also have some painting on the horizon....Since I am moving in about six weeks, I am sure I can add to the list...Although home is only about 7 years old and in excellent condition, there are always things that the new homeowner wants to do, correct? I will be attending the linky party also when I am moved in, hopefully.

  2. I love the idea of writing out home goals. I did the same post today. Hope you will come and link up to my party that opens tonight at 8pm EST.

  3. I hem and haw about what I'm going to do, because I just haven't decided yet! How great that you have your goals all set out.

  4. sounds like a busy yea r ahead for you! I am getting ready to makeover my laundry room. Other than that, I have dubbed 2012 the year to get this house organized!! We've already spent a fortune on tubs for the basement!

  5. Hi, JoAnne! It looks like you have your work cut out for you! I had to laugh when you said your laundry room was like a dungeon...that is what we have always called ours! Our house is very old and everything is original, except the machines of course. It's a little spooky and when you add dirty laundry to it...well, it's not a place you want to be!

    Good luck with your projects! :-)


  6. Hi JoAnne! I can't wait to see all of your room makeovers! I know everything will look amazing when you're finished.

    Making a list and posting it on your blog is a great way to stay motivated!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  7. Hi Joanne!

    Thanks for stopping by today - and for letting me then find you!

    I am so excited about your goal setting for your home. I wish you the BEST getting them all complete!

    We ourselves are in the negotiation process to do a partial upgrade to the master bathroom - ugh- it is soooooooo difficult to do all the proper planning. I wish I was Bewitched or Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie and could just blink or nod or whatever they did to get 'er done instead of allllll thhhhiiiisssss plannnniiinnnnggggg.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing your transformations! Definately!

  8. Dear Jo Anne.. You have given me inspiration today with your super blog. I have been thinking of painting the one wall in my bedroom at the back of my bed a very light lilac.. not sure yet..
    What wonderful ideas.. its always super to be doing things around the house.
    I am at the moment, adding a new studio room to Olive Cottage.. I urgently need it.
    Doing it slowly bit by bit..
    Will look forward to seeing the transformation..
    super blog
    thank you
    best wishes

  9. It's going to take time to adjust to sunless days. Lots of candles and turning the lamps on. Now if it could be that simple with the weather outside.
    I had to laugh at your repair man, hah. Wonder what he did. Oh my, I hope it keeps working.
    My dogs can't wait to get up in the morning and go to bed at night. They want a treat at night. We have to spell about going to bed. At night they both have to be on my lap. Piper is Springer Spaniel. He is such a lap dog, hah. My son was here yesterday and Piper jumped over the lazyboy to get his attention. He even cleared me. Wow, I should sign him up for the Olympics.
    As my grandson (2) would say.....Happy To You.


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