March 15, 2011

Blog Spot and a Blog Boss

     I always think it's fun when you all show where you do your blogging so I thought I would show my spot today.  This area of our home is kind of an extension off of the eating area.  It's kind of an odd space.  The previous owners used it as a living room and this is what it looked like then.

      At that time, the only way to get to the backyard was to go through the garage.  So when we updated this area, we added sliding doors and decided to use this space for our computer desk.  This is what it looks like now.

{my blog spot}
Across from the desk is this two-sided fireplace.
  It took a while to figure out what to do here.
  I've tried to turn it into a cozy little spot by the fire.  

     By the way, did I mention that I have a Blog Boss?
  Do you see him?

Oh yes, there he is.

Oh, must be time for lunch.  Gotta go!  Boss never misses a meal!!

So do you have a Blog Boss?  I would love to hear about it or anything else you would like to comment on.  I just love hearing from you and I so appreciate all of the comments that I have gotten in the short time since I started my blog.  It's so fun to be part of this community!

~ ~ JoAnne

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  1. Your blog spot is too sweet!.. And your blog boss!?. Very handsome!.. Thanks for sharing!..

  2. Hi, Joanne. So nice to meet you. I'm over from Wow Wednesday and following you now. Love your "blog boss." I have two of them - basset hounds. They are constantly at my feet demanding belly rubs or growling for attention. There are several pics of them on my blog. love your redo!

  3. Love it! Looks like your cat does too! I really like your desk! It's really pretty.

  4. Stunning makeover! What a difference! So light and airy! I love it!

  5. Hi Joanne, you created such a pretty room and I love the desk!! Came over from Kim's party. Martina

  6. Hi JoAnne!
    This is my first visit to your site- found you thru the linky parties. Your room looks great and I love your desk. I blog on my iPad while lounging on the sofa. I have a bossy boss, my dog, Lillie. I'm your newest follower. Come over for a visit!

  7. I would love to blog from that desk! You did a great job with that room :)
    I'm a new follower from Wow Wed :)

  8. A lovely spot for blogging, love the white!

  9. What a lovely place to blog! I blog from my chair. I have one cat that tries to sit on my laptop while I'm blogging, and the other cat could care less! Our dog will swat at the computer when I've spent too much time on it. This blogging business is addictive. I'm now a follower and I'd love it if you visited me and followed me too.

  10. I love it! Your blogspot is gorgeous! What a wonderful restful spot to blog and just sit! You did great!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. This looks like such a great space to do blogging! I LOVE the desk! Just came across your blog and I'm a new follower

  12. Love your new blog spot! I have two blog bosses. My cats Sophie and Lucy always like to hover while I'm blogging or working on crafts.

  13. What a beautiful, peaceful inviting spot for blogging! :)

  14. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


    That KITTY is a CUTIE!

  15. love the transformation. looks wonderful. i would love it if you shared this at my party today!

  16. I love your place to blog! Wow! So pretty. Just found your lovely blog via Kim's party. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted for you to follow me back!

  17. Wow! So much better than the before!

  18. I love your desk with the hutch and you have a super cute boss! Thanks for joining WUW.

  19. Amazing transformation and great use of space! Thanks for linking up at the Workspace Showcase at WhisperWood Cottage.

  20. Thanks for all the awesome comments wish you a happy mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Joanne Just love your home, so pretty and so clean. How do you do that? Mostly I notice it's very uncluttered, I'm trying to beat that habit. I am a fan of blue also so really noticed the blue you have in such a discreet way in your home.
    I have so many things (alot we've made) I love I seem to think I have to have them all out at once. Every once in awhile I go thru and declutter but those darned things seem to come back all on their own. Yeah right, lol.
    I've been told by our youngest (42) it's an old person's habit. Dadgumit. I'm almost 72 so I guess I could be called old.
    It's just my hubby and I and our bosses, Tommy the dog and Monty the cat. I used to laugh at old people that made horses' rear ends of themselves over their pets, well guess who does it now? yup, the hubs and I.
    Ah well, guess it comes from the kids ignoring us to lead their own lives and leaving us to our own devices.
    Don't have my own blog but so love reading everybody elses. It's inspired me so much to do more decorating, take on projects, get the hubs out of his chair. I had gotten a bit complacent about attempting projects at all. I blame that on winter. Come Spring I get into gear and start all kinds of things.
    Really enjoy your blog. I"ve subscribed so I'll be back often. Happy weekend.

  22. Hi Joanne Your home is so pretty, serene and uncluttered.How do you do that? Your blog boss is so handsome. Really gorgeous cat, reminds me of cat we had when I was a kid. Is he a cuddler?
    Guess I tend to be a messer. We have a small mobil home with too much stuff. Our living room is really small and with 2 doorways in/out of it it's hard to arrange furniture. As it is we got rid of alot of "stuff" when we bought the place and down sized, again. I sometimes can't believe we lived in a 24 ft. travel trailer for months on end several times.
    Enjoy your adorable boss. We have a 10 yr. old orange cat and an almost 4 yr.old black lab/border collie. We're crazy about our furry kidz. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  23. HI Joanne Your "office" space is so nice, uncluttered, clean. You must be a very neat person.
    At our house if a floor stays clean for 5 minutes I'd be floored. (sorry for the pun) Our dog and hubs seem to bring everything in. The dog loves to dig holes, then wallow in them, then come in. I can watch the dust and dirt fall off him as he walks. Hubs refuses to take his shoes off when he comes in so he's guilty also. Mud, oh yeah. It's like having two toddlers around. Good thing hubs doesn't read what I comment on.
    Your blog boss is so pretty, or guess I should say handsome since it's a male cat. He looks alot like a cat we had in Tucson when I was a kid. Pets are so awesome, and so loving. We have a cat and a dog so they keep us oldsters hopping.
    Happy Thanksgiving.