March 4, 2011

Room Tours at The Inspired Room

Hi Everyone,
     Melissa at The Inspired Room has started a new feature on her blog call "Room Tours".   I love this feature because the main reason I started reading blogs is because I love seeing other peoples' homes and how they decorate them.  Now for the best part (for me anyway) - my kitchen is one of the rooms featured!  I am just so thrilled, especially being a new blogger - this is just so much fun for me!! 
     You can check out Room Tours HERE.  Melissa includes a really nice description with each room she features.  
     If you would like to submit a room of your own to be featured, you can do that also.  Thank you so much Melissa!  You have made me a happy girl today!!  : )

        ~ ~ JoAnne


  1. Thanks for the shout out about my new Room Tour feature! I'm excited about it too, I love seeing all the great rooms out in blog world! I enjoyed featuring yours!!


  2. Congratulations on being featured,how exciting!