September 20, 2011

A Corner of My Room

Today I made a little change to a corner of our master bedroom.

 I had a wicker chair here but it really seemed too large for the
space and I never sat in it anyway.
So I took this smaller chair from our living room and this bench from
the kitchen. 
Played around with the accessories and now I think it looks really sweet
and fits the space much better.
I always love when a little change can have a big impact on a room, don't you?

(And I had to light the candle for you of course! : )

I bought this little book at a garage sale recently for $2.50.  
Isn't the cover pretty with the little blue flowers?
The lady I purchased it from said she bought it years ago at an antique
store in Marietta, Ohio.  I was so surprised because that is the
town I was born in!

I've had this lantern for a long time but hadn't found a good spot for it until now.

Now I just have to work on the family room and kitchen where I took these things from ~
it never ends, does it?
That's okay with me ~ I love every minute of it!!

I hope you're having a wonderful week!
If you have a spare moment, I would love to hear from you ~
your visits and comments are sincerely appreciated!!


  1. Hi Joanne!

    How interesting about that book, and yes the cover is sweet with it's little blue flowers.

    I know what you mean about that switcheroo decorating... but is beats buying stuff all the time!

    Thanks for coming to this weeks Bunny Hop party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday Bunny Hop Party

  2. That little book was just meant to fall into your hands!

  3. Very cute-I like how clean and fresh it looks and not cluttered.

  4. Everything goes well together. Love the clean look.

  5. So very pretty. Love the lit candle and the coziness it brings.

  6. good morning, Joann...glad to meet you and your blog...I love this corner set simple and beautiful...going back to check out some more...pls come on over for a visit too...Happy Friday, Mariaelena

  7. Loving your style and taste. I just became one of your newest followers and look forward to going through your archives.

  8. Hi JoAnne! This is so beautiful, I love the light in the lantern and the pillow and chair are so pretty. thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog, your blog is so gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. What a pretty space! Love your blog!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  10. It's simple and sweet and charming! andrea @ townandprairie

  11. Looks nice and cozy. The lantern is a nice touch.

  12. Peaceful and beautiful--love the lantern.

  13. Hi Joanne! Thank you for sharing this pretty corner of your room at the Open House party. The little table is adorable and I love the lantern and the cute book.