May 2, 2012

Adding More Cottage Style

Do you ever feel like there is something just not right about a room?
I like our family room but I don't feel completely satisfied with it.
I think I want it to have more of a cottage feel than it currently has.

So I made a few easy changes to give it more of
what to me is the quintessential cottage look.

I moved my chippy window frame from the entryway to this wall . . .

My husband gave this trunk to me for  our first Christmas together as a married couple ~ 18 years ago!

. . . and placed a vintage tablecloth that I had on the trunk.

~ love the weathered look of this flower pot ~

Then I cut apart a $3 spray of white geraniums and arranged
 them in a pot that did have some old dusty flowers in it.

What do you think?

I like it so much better!

Now I have to see what I can do to the rest of the room!!


  1. I love the look, JoAnne! It looks airy and fresh, like a beach cottage. I love the geraniums in the pot and the trunk is just gorgeous! :)


  2. So nice to "shop the house" and freshen up a space with little or no price, isn't it?

    Looks great, Jo Anne! Well done!

  3. It looks great, nice job pulling it all together.

  4. Lovely! Great job :) Awesome result!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  5. i think it looks just cottage perfect!

  6. I love it! It looks so pretty. :-)

  7. It looks fresh and pretty. Love it.

  8. I like it especially with the window over the table. By adding the vintage tablecloth, it also provides a cottage touch. It looks great!

  9. This looks great! I love the coastal cottage look. And that room is painted such a beautiful color too : ) have a fabulous day!

  10. I so know what you mean! I am having the same problem in my family room. I am going to take pics and ask blogland for advice. LOVE the chippy window. It all looks lovely!

  11. I really like your changes. I'd love to find an old window. Your room is lovely!

  12. I think your entry looks very pretty. I like the clean uncluttered look with just the right amount of accessories. I also like the soft color of the wall. You accomplished your goal of creating a cottage feel. Join us sometime at Your Cozy Home Party if you can. Mon. at 8 pm.--------------- Shannon

  13. So pretty, JoAnne! Draping light-colored linens over wood furniture is something I like to do, too.

    Take care,
    Carolina Country Living

  14. This is beautiful! I love old windows. I need to do something to my entryway This window on the wall is the perfect idea!

  15. I really like the changes you made--it definitely looks like the "cottage style" you were hoping to achieve.

  16. It all looks great....mission accomplished!!

  17. Very nice Joanne. Looks so welcoming and like it's always been there. Don't you love old wood windows? I have a couple I use in any room I feel needs something different from time to time, mostly this time of year I get itchy to fix things up and change what I can. It's fun to go "shopping" in the house or shed for things I haven't used in awhile. Do you do that too. I read that you moved the window from the entry hall to the living room. It's amazing what such a small change can do for helping us to feel content im how we decorate our homes. Your home is lovely, very welcoming and serene.

  18. The vignette on your lovely chest is very pretty, Joanne. I especially like how you stacked plates under the flowerpot.