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A Pocketful of Blue has received the
Liebster Award
from the beautiful Marina of the lovely blog

Thank you, Marina!

What I'm suppose to do:

Tell you 11 things about myself that you may not know:

I have 3 sisters and no brothers.
I am a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.
I have been to Alaska, Australia, and Russia
I have always been very neat and tidy even as a young child.
I attended all Catholic schools including college.
Next September will by my 20th wedding anniversary.
I love animals ~ especially the cute furry kind,
 not so much the slimy, creepy kind.
I worked in accounting prior to my current career as
 mother, novice decorator, and blogger.
I have a huge sweet tooth ~ cake, cookies, donuts...yum!
I would much rather have something pretty for my house than
 jewelry, designer purses, or spa treatments.
I started watching HGTV when it first came on the air ~
Room by Room was their first show ~ anyone remember Matt and Shari?
(You can still see them at

The Liebster Award is to help newer bloggers become more well known
so I get to nominate 5 other fabulous blogs with 200 followers or less
(I may have cheated on this part just a bit):

Thank you again, Marina.
If you have a chance, visit Marina at 
She is a sweet, sweet person!!


  1. Congrats!! That is wonderful.


  2. Congrats to YOU and thank you for nominating me for that award! I am honored.

  3. Congratulations JoAnne! Thanks for nominating me. : ) Now I need to think of 11 things to write about myself. Hmmmm . . .

    I watched Matt & Shari all the time! I loved their show and was a faithful HGTV fan.

    Have a great weekend!

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  4. The way you describe yourself, you'll have something in common with pretty much everybody. Love your blog. I'm a fairly new subscriber.
    Just recently I was thinking about Room by Room and wondering whatever happened to those two. Thks for reference to where I can find them. I too started watching HGTV almost from beginning.
    We were living in MT and my husband was on the road alot so I was alone a good deal of the time. We lived out in country on south side of Canyon Ferry Lake so not many neighbors. Crafting kept me company. My studio was in front corner of our mobile home and we had more windows put in so I could sit and look at the lake and mountains. Alot of inspiration there. Boy do I miss MT.
    HGTV saved my sanity many times and got so many wonderful ideas. No more crafting shows now tho, it's all decorating or selling houses, that kind of thing. Boohoo.

  5. We have a lot in common! I only went to Catholic School through high school then to a public university. I am the same way in that I rather spend money on the home than anything else.

    Your cottage is so cute!


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