My Susan Branch Calendar for the New Year

For the past several years, I have purchased
 a Susan Branch calendar to hang in our kitchen.

Here is the 2012 calendar all filled up and ready
to be replaced with one for the new year.

I just love Susan Branch.
  Her calendars are filled with charming watercolors
all painted by her along with sweet little sayings and quotes.
Sometimes there is a yummy recipe too.

Susan lives on Martha's Vineyard and you might
think she could be a bit pretentious but nothing could
be further from the truth.
She is so kind and down to earth.
You can feel her warmth come through on her blog.
One of those people that you would immediately
feel at home with.
She loves houses and everything about home 
 just like so many of us. 

Here is my 2013 calendar ready to be filled up.
Look how cute it is!!
{ I'm pretty sure she painted it in these colors just for me, right? }

On a side note, I remember one year when my son was younger 
and he told me that he wanted to keep the old calendar so
he could remember "how much fun we had"!
~ so sweet ~
One of those little things I will always remember.

Visit Susan at her blog if you haven't already ~
I just know you will enjoy visiting with her.

Happy New Year and I am looking forward
to "much fun" with all of you in 2013.

~ JoAnne ~


  1. Love her calendar! I get one for me and my mom every year!!!!! Happy New Year!!!
    ~ Cheryl

  2. love her too. This year I have her wallet size calendar. For my craft area I am using the one that came with the Molly Makes magazine. It will be wonderful. Happy New Year!! - Dottie

  3. I've never hear of Susan Brance before. Her calendar is really cute. I'll definitely go check out her blog too. Happy New Year!

    Lori : )

  4. this is new to it too! very very happy and playful


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