New Pendant Lights In My Kitchen

Hubby and I were in Lowes a few weeks before Christmas
and we happened to see these pendant lights.
They're Roth + Allen and only $48 each ~ so affordable!

I mentioned to him (wink, wink) that they would look nice in our kitchen
so he surprised me with them for Christmas.

I had a small panic attack wondering what if I didn't like
 them after he put them up?
Would I be able to ask him to take them back down?

Luckily, all is well . . . I love them!

I think they add bunches of cottage charm and character.

Do you like them?

And . . . what do you do if your spouse or loved one gets you
something you don't like?

Do you tell them?


  1. I love when winks work!

  2. Lucky Girl!!!! They look AMAZING! How sweet of hubby to remember them for Christmas.

  3. I love them and I love your kitchen that is always so tidy!

    1. My husband is not very good at knowing my taste so I have to say what I like exactly

  4. Just lovely.


  5. Sweet hubbie! Love those pendants.

  6. I love these! Big bang for your bucks! I love when hubby picks up on the winks!!

    I always tell my family what I might like for a gift in general, I can't see them wasting their money on something I don't like or won't use. But I do love surprises!


  7. I love them JoAnne, they look great in your kitchen!!

  8. They look great! I have admired those same lights. :-)

  9. I love the new lights in your kitchen! You have one sweet hubby to surprise you with them. : )

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  10. So happy for you JoAnne to receive those gorgeous lights for a gift. They are awesome and if you don't like em I'll sure take em. They're very snazzy. Nothing like something snazzy for our home to make us feel better.
    My hubs didn't get me new lights but he did get up today to clean the light over the sink. It's needed it for awhile. I've learned to just kinda mention something then let it go, when he's ready he'll do it for me (if I can wait long enuf). We've been married 44 yrs. now so guess we've got each other trained pretty well huh?
    The lights look wonderful in your gorgeous kitchen. I'd be happy to get my cupboards painted one of these years. Happy 2013

  11. Oh, those lights look wonderful in your kitchen! So nice that your elf took the hint. ;)

  12. Love these lights...I usually like all the Roth+Allen things at Lowes! Looks perfect in your kitchen!

  13. I absolutely love your new lights! You couldn't have picked out any others that would be any better. They pick up the stainless steel of your appliances too and look great against the white. That was so nice of your husband to surprise you like that! Thank goodness you loved them!!

  14. Your new lights look just great in your kitchen. They pick up all the shiny and silver in the room.

    Visiting from Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


  15. I am planning on changing some lights in my kitchen to pendants - love these :-)
    I am now following you from Mockingbird Hill.

  16. Bet they add great lighting! Really nice!

  17. Oh they are quite nice! :)

  18. Yes, I do like them! They look wonderful in your kitchen. Lucky you!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  19. I love your new lights. They will add some great work light to your counter.

  20. Those are darling, love them! Enjoy!

  21. I really like them in your kitchen and think they look perfect for the cottage vintage look! My husband usually knows what I like. If either of us doesn't like something we're pretty honest and don't get offended.

  22. Love those light fixtures. My husband is pretty good at picking out gifts for me.

  23. Awesome! Love the look! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  24. So I like them...oh yeah I do! I have the exact same pendant lights over my kitchen counter :) Yours look awesome!!!

  25. Your wink wink definitely is very effective. And it makes sense. The pendant light looks vintage and very beautiful. And, you are right, it looks nice in your kitchen.

  26. I love it, Joanne! Those pendant lights make the whole area look sophisticated and rustic. And because it’s silver, it helps distribute the light evenly. So, you’re lucky to have it. Cheers!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical


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