I have always loved Sarah Richardson's designs,
especially the farmhouse she renovated for her family
. . . and even more when it's decorated for Christmas.

These photos are from a couple years ago but
I love looking at them every year and
being inspired all over again.

Those red doors are perfect any time of the year
but of course, especially at Christmas.
Her little girl is the cutest touch of all!

That tree is HUGE and so beautiful!

I've always adored her use of soft yellows and gray
in the kitchen.

I wouldn't mind having Christmas dinner 
in this dining room : )

Now we can head upstairs on this gorgeous stairway.

Wouldn't you love to stay in this guest room?
C'mon, Sarah ~ just one night is all I ask ~pretty please?
I might have to slip that red and white quilt into
my overnight bag!

More yellow and gray in the bathroom ~ sooo pretty.

And here it is, all lit up at night.
It's a large home but still cozy, warm, and inviting.
~ gorgeous ~

There are a few more photos on the HOUSE&HOME site
if you would like to see them.

{ i think i'll go pack my overnite bag now in case Sarah calls ~ haha }

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
It's time to get all of our sugarplums in a row.



  1. Lovely comfy home. I love the tree too!

  2. A beautiful home. I think I will go to the link and look at more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That stairway makes me wish we still lived in our former home so I could copy the idea. I don't miss climbing up and down stairs, but those stairs make such a beautiful statement.

  4. Thank you JoAnne for sharing these photos! This has always been my favorite makeover of Sarah's, but I have never seen the Christmas version. I can only imagine with her talent how lovely it is in person. I'm going to go check out the rest of the photos, but wait for me - I'm packing my bags too.

  5. I love her house too. I remember watching the episodes on TV where she was decorating this house. It's so pretty.

  6. I could move right in! Wouldn't need to change a thing!


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