January 1, 2016

The Best New Year's Resolution Of All

Last January, I found these words written by Paula Driesell of the blog Locksley Lane.
  I think she's so right that we should make time to be alone with our thoughts, destress a little,
 think about what is most important to us, and put things into perspective. 
 Just a few minutes a day can make a difference in many areas of our crazy lives.
Here's what she had to say:

"Let's face it, sometimes life is hard.
  Life doesn't always go the way we plan it.
  For most people, life is pretty chaotic and unfortunately - pretty stressful.
  We lose the joy in life and lack the ability to find comfort in little things.
  We are always looking for the next solution that will make our situation better. 
 We lack peace. 

 If we are constantly running, working and talking
 we miss out on the small things in life.
  We have to make time to be quiet and listen.
  Listen to that little voice inside your head.
  Feel that small little nudge guiding you to change 
directions or stay the course.
 Today, find time to be still…..just for a few minutes.
 Do something small for yourself. 
 Sit and feel the sun on your face.

 Get a cup of coffee or tea and sit and enjoy it.
 Buy yourself some flowers and marvel at their beauty.
  Take a bath and relax.
  Everything will still be right where you left it when you are done.
  Give yourself ten minutes of uninterrupted silence."

  ~ the perfect gift to give to ourselves ~

I think this could be the best New Year's resolution of all.

PS  Thank you for your inspiring post, Paula!  You're a very wise lady!!


  1. Love it. Thank you.

  2. Great advice. We all need some peace in our lives.

  3. Great advice and it is the perfect gift to give yourself. Many wonderful blessing wished for you in the new year JoAnne. Happy New Year.

  4. Thanks for sharing, JoAnne. Happy New Year.

  5. Wonderful words for the new year!! I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy one!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  6. Funny you should write about this, that's exactly what I'm going to do this year. Make time for myself.......learn more about me........enjoy the small things more........and just enjoy this one life we're given. Such great advice for all of us, Happy New Year Joanne!

  7. Such wise words, so glad to read them. Now lets all try to live them. Great post.
    Happy New Year to you Joanne and your family.

  8. Such wise words. I tend to focus on the negative and I think if I could follow this advise, I'd realize each and every day how lucky I really am.

    Happy New Year, Joanne, and thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  9. So true! I'm working on taking more quiet moments this year. Intentionally scheduling time away from the things that bring stress so I can regroup and handle what's important. Thank you for sharing this - a perfect way to start the new year.

  10. Perfect words! Wanting to have a perfect life makes it chaotic, actually. We should pause and enjoy it as is. Have a great, peaceful and serene new year!

  11. Tis a great one for sure!

  12. In 2014, I was quite ill (needed 2 blood transfusions) and although I hated the way I felt, the experience was probably one of the best things that happened to me. I sat back and took stock of what was really important. I am still eliminated "clutter", both mental and tangible, from my life. I spend my time doing what I really want to do and enjoying them instead of rushing through.

    I wish you a pleasant, relaxing and rewarding 2016.

  13. Very well said. I've read a lot of great stuff on putting life in perspective lately. I think He's trying to tell me something.

  14. Wise lady, indeed. I concur with Katie's comment. I've been seeing a lot of posts about slowing down and taking pleasure in the simple things,

  15. Dear Joanne, my team at paperwriting.xyz
    sends you the best wishes for this year. And as a great woman Paul wrote, may your life be a little bit more peaceful, for you could find a beauty in the moment!