Decorating the Mantels for Spring

We are fortunate to have two fireplaces in our house so of course
that means two mantels to decorate.
I wanted a new look for spring but sometimes it takes me
awhile to come up with a fresh idea.

The living room mantel really had me stumped.
I've been trying to just use what I have because I sure don't
need to buy any more stuff.
It finally hit me to see if my old screen door would work.
It's the perfect length when turned on its side and light
weight enough that it wasn't too much of a problem
to heave it up there.

I think it worked out pretty well as a backdrop for some pitchers
of flowers and a couple botanical prints.

Once I had the living room mantel all fixed up,
I needed to do something with the corner fireplace 
that's in the kitchen area.

This mantel is very shallow so I'm really limited 
on the size of items that will fit.

I ended up just keeping it simple with my Blueberry Mountain Lodge
print and some glass jars with flowers and colored eggs.

It's nice to have a fresh new look for spring inside while
everything outside is starting to look fresh and new too.

In the end, it was easy peasy to decorate these mantels using 
things I already had.  It just took a little thinking and experimenting
to put old things together in a new way.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the simplicity of your mantel décor, JoAnne! Your screen door creates the perfect backdrop to your pitchers of flowers. Mantels can be tricky, but you've created 2 pretty looks.

    Have a great week!

  2. I love the screen on the first mantel (and how lucky you are to have two!) JoAnne. And the second has so many pretty features, including your signature blue. I love them both and they definitely say 'Spring'!

    Jane x

  3. Oh my goodness that screen door on the mantel is one of the best ideas ever! We have three short mantels over our fireplace and decorating them has always been a challenge for me. Thanks for planting the idea and your mantels look great. Happy Easter!

  4. Love both your mantel, I think you show a lot of taste in your mantel decorating.


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