May 23, 2017

Master Bedroom Changes

Hi Everyone,

I have made some changes to our master bedroom over the
last several months so I finally took some pictures to show you.

One of the changes that made a big difference was adding curtain panels.
Before we only had the faux wood blinds on the window.

I happened upon these curtains at Target and thought they were so pretty.
They weren't very expensive and the fabric is really nice.
I didn't even have to iron them!

They made a big difference in the feel of the room.
It's much more inviting and cozy now.

Another change was moving this chair from the family room
into the bedroom.
It replaces a wicker rocking chair and is much more comfortable.

It's nice to have a quiet place to sit in the bedroom and read
or watch something on my iPad.
It's my little getaway from the video games and sports which
seem to be a constant on our tv.

 We also bought new lamps.
The ones we had really did not provide enough light and
not that I'm getting older or anything (cough, cough) but
I'm finding that I need more light to see things well.

These are from Kirklands and I like that they have a
little more of a farmhouse feel to them.
I think they were $40 each so not too bad.

Another change is the rug.
The one that was here was getting pretty dirty and worn out
and it wasn't something you could easily clean.

I replaced it with this blue striped Dash and Albert rug.
I got this on clearance a few years ago and had
never found a good spot for it so I'm glad it worked out in here.

The rug goes well with my old quilt.
I've had this quilt for a very long time and still love it
so I decided to put it back on the bed.

Lately, some nights are very warm and others can be down right chilly.
I have some extra blankets nearby for those chilly nights.
Just never know when we might need one and I was a
girl scout so I must be prepared.  : )

That's it for the bedroom - for now!

Thanks so much for coming by!



  1. It looks very pretty, JoAnne. I love the blue and white-it looks fresh and clean and is charming. I think the curtains are just beautiful-they really do finish off the room. Good job-it looks just perfect. xo Diana

  2. Love what you've done! The curtains and the rug are just perfect. You are the master of mixing those blues.

    Love your picture on the sidebar. :)

  3. Great changes, JoAnne. I love how you have incorporated this sweet color of blue. It brightens everything up but doesn't overpower. Target has some wonderful curtains, I've bought them many times. I've always been pretty happy with just blinds but my husband pressures me to get curtains! I like a lighter feeling but you can achieve that with lighter fabric and blue is always sort of carefree.

    Great that char too. Makes me want to curl up with a good book!!

    Jane x

  4. Sp pretty I pinned it! Beautiful, serene room:)

  5. Very nice, it's so cozy. What color did you use on your walls? I really like that color.

  6. JoAnne it looks so pretty. Love the blue. I am thinking of adding blue to the new cottage we will move into soon. Very sweet.

  7. JoAnne, it all looks lovely. Love the rug, and I think curtains really soften any room! I'm excited because I am going to replace the carpet in our bedroom with wood. I'll need to be searching for a new rug. I got my basement one from Dash and Albert and have really liked it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. You did a beautiful job of updating your bedroom! I've decided to be on the lookout for curtains to put in our recently finished guest bedroom. I think a tad of color would look great on the sides of the window. That's great that you got that large Dash and Albert rug on clearance.

  9. Pretty and serene, your bedroom. I have that same lamp from Kirklands, but mine is more beige, and yours to me looks white. Maybe it's the light. To me the curtains the frame the painting, which is your window.

  10. Love how light and comfy your room looks.The curtains are a lovely addition to room, help to add finishing touch, fabric is so pretty and soft looking. always nice to do little gussying up in a room, make it feel refreshed in simple way.
    Know what you mean about needing more light to see,am probably about 20 or more yrs.older than you, will be 77 in July, but it happens.Love your new lamps.

    Enjoy rest of weekend

  11. Your bedroom looks very inviting, those curtains do make the room cosier and that chair looks like the perfect spot for some me-time.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful! Love the serene feel that comes with blue and white.

  13. I love this! The soft blue touches are soothing and makes this bedroom the perfect place to unwind! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Farmhouse Friday link party! Pinned and shared! :)