May 19, 2011

Ralph Lauren

Did any of you happen to see Ralph Lauren on Oprah yesterday?
Oprah was at his ranch in Colorado and it is an amazing place.

Some interior views...
Architectural Digest

House of Wooikie
He even has some teepees on his land that guests can stay in - 
how cool is that?
Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest
Something about Ralph Lauren's style is so American classic, time worn, and comfortable while beautiful all at the same time.

I think I would love to be a guest there! 
 Just don't understand why he hasn't invited me yet! 
{In my dreams!}

~ ~ JoAnne


  1. Looks just like where I'd picture him living.

  2. A few years back he designed for airstream trailers and they were also amazing. I love his classic cowboy style :0)

  3. Ralph Lauren is quintessential Americana in my opinion. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration!