Today is a great day for our country.  And for me, it's a great day to remember, appreciate and give thanks to all of the brave men, women, and families that have sacrificed for our country and our freedom.
     When we were in Washington DC recently, being surrounded by all of the history and visiting the many war memorials, it really hit home with me how so many have fought for our country and the many who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
     Being the mother of a son myself, I cannot fathom the constant wondering and worrying that would consume every minute of my day if my son were fighting in a war.  How many mother's have felt the heartache of losing a son or daughter this way and also the pride they would feel for their child's commitment and bravery?  I hope I never have to feel either of those things.
     So today I want to remember and be thankful for all of those serving in our military and their families for the sacrifices they make for our country and our freedom every day.  It is so easy to take them for granted.


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