October 9, 2011

Adding Color to Kitchen Shelves

Are you all having a totally gorgeous weekend like we are here in Ohio?
I think it's the best weather we have had all year ~ so wonderful!

This week I worked on a little project in the kitchen.

Something I have wanted to do for awhile is paint the back of this shelf unit .
But it was hard to decide on the color.

I finally just decided to go for it and I used the leftover paint from our family room.

~ Tide Pools by Behr ~

• • •
• • •

What do you think?
I really like it but I am wondering if maybe a little bit deeper shade of aqua/blue would look better.
I would really love your honest opinion ~ you all have such great taste and ideas!!

I hope you enjoy every second of your weekend !
We'll be outside most of the day doing some chores in the yard and enjoying the weather.

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  1. I think the color is perfect! So beautiful!

  2. I love the color! It looks so nice with the white accessories. I wouldn't change a thing.

    The weather has been perfect! I wish it would stay like this all year. Enjoy your weekend and this gorgeous weather.

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  3. Joanne that looks so pretty!! Very pretty color too but I think something a little darker would really make your beautiful accessories pop! Martina

  4. i think if you went "deeper"...it would distract from all your pretties!
    lovely girl!

  5. I think the color is perfect. Not too blue, not too green, not too dark, not too light! I am looking for a similiar color for my bathroom so thank you for identifying the paint color. Visiting from Met. Monday.

    Robin Flies South

  6. I love the colour you chose. It really adds some interest to the cupboard and a nice backdrop for your displays.

  7. For me that would be the perfect choice. It makes the white pop. I really can't think of any color that would not work with it.

  8. I think the color is perfect as well. soft so you can add the items you want and the back ground won't take over the items..

  9. Oh my, this is such a pretty shade of blue... like a beachy blue and I love how it makes the pretty white pitchers and platters stand out. A perfect shade of blue! Thanks for this pretty post and for your loving comment on my autumn tea. I appreciate you stopping by. Enjoy these wonderful autumn days... weather has been simply gorgeous. Hugs~Poppy


  10. I like it just like you have it. Very soft, but it is dark enough to make your white pieces pop. Lovely.

  11. I absolutely love the color your chose. It is the perfect shade of blue.


  12. So pretty... love that shelve unit... I want one! ;) Thanks for participating in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing me here!


  13. I think it's unanimous we all love the color! Happy to find your blog from Meta. Monday have a great day! Stop by for a blog visit I'm your newest follower and I live in Ohio too:)

  14. Beautiful shelf, love the color and perfect pretties for displaying! Following you too!