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Thanksgiving Tablescape ~ Already?

I know, we're not even past Halloween and I'm posting about Thanksgiving!
Well, I can't help it!
I just found out that I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.
My Mom moved to a smaller house recently so we decided to have everyone at my house.
She will be helping me with the dinner ~ thank goodness!

Anyway, I instantly started obsessing about the tablescape.
I went to our nearby Dollar Tree and bought a few things and used mostly what I already have.

This is what I have come up with so far. . .

I really like the color combination of aqua blue and deep red this year.
This is actually the china we received when we got married 18 years ago 
and I still really love it!
I can't believe I was insightful enough at that time to choose something timeless
or more likely, I was just lucky.

I found most of these flowers at the Dollar Tree.
I would like to have several small bouquets rather than just one.

This basket was also found at the Dollar Tree.
(I'm lovin' that place right now!)
I like the color and texture of it.

Underneath the plate is just a paper bag that I cut apart to see
what it would look like.
I'm thinking of getting some craft paper to use for a table covering or place mats.

~ i'm going for a country cottage sort of look ~

So what do you think?
Am I on the right track? 
I would love to hear any suggestions you have!!

Have you started any Thanksgiving plans yet?

~ this is making me hungry ~


~ JoAnne

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  1. This looks really cute! I think it's smart to start planning ahead. I am in my head!! Love the DT flowers...they looks real!


  2. That looks sooooo pretty Joanne! I say definitely on the right track:o)!!

  3. I love the aqua and red together. I also like the idea of craft paper on the table. You could add some sharpies and everyone can write something on the paper tablecloth. It would be great for kids and you could even keep it as a memento of the day. You are definitely on the right track!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  4. Very lovely! Love the colors and the jars. No plans yet, but starting to look through some cookbooks!

  5. Yes, looks like a country themed Thanksgiving to me. Love the mason jars.

  6. I think it looks wonderful. I like the pale shades of blue and the craft paper placemats is a fun idea. It would be fun to let people decorated them as they wait for the food to be done. Plus they can be used as placecards too. Hmmmm, I might just have to use your idea.

  7. I think it looks charming!
    And isn't Dollar Tree amazing?
    I thought those were fresh flowers on your table, until you said they came from DT.
    Half of what's in my kitchen comes from there, I think!
    I've got more of a Thanksgiving thing going on today, also.
    Halloween tomorrow.
    And good luck with hosting T-day. We've done it since the year after we got married ... so that's more than 30 turkey dinners, and we haven't poisoned any friends or relatives.

  8. The table looks wonderful! The jars with flowers are very nice. I'm delighted to see you are linking to Potpourri Friday!

    I have happily become a new friend and follower!

  9. Hi Joann! You are definitely on the right track. who da thunk..paper bag!! You are so creative and (forgive Lord) I envy your creativity!! Post again if you add or remove anything..can't wait! Place cards maybe? Little "thankful" notes for each place setting?

  10. I love what you're doing with your table design - especially love the blue jar with the flowers in it! Yes, we're having Thanksgiving lunch at our house, too - my husband's entire family is coming, 50 people :O I know, I'm serious, but all I have to provide are the table/chairs (rent some), turkey, and drinks (tea, coffee, sodas). It's still a huge job but we love having all of his aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc. come over for Thanksgiving. We'll go to his cousin's for Christmas, and she'll have 50 also :) Anyway, hope you enjoy yours!

  11. That is going to make a lovely table for will be fun! I love those aqua Mason jars, such a gorgeous shade.

  12. Looks lovely. Craft paper for place mats could be a great idea.

  13. I love aqua and red as well together. I am thinking you are off to a good start there with your setting. I used red plaid in my Thanksgiving setting (Canada) this year and loved it. Diane

  14. I LOVE your dishes. I think that you have to start thinking it out early. Otherwise you just end up trying to throw something together the day before.
    This will be darling. :)


  15. Great (and unusual) idea to use blue at the Thanksgiving table. I just wrote a post on this, as a matter of fact! :) My favs at your table are the tinted Mason Jars and the bright red and brown flowers. I love Thanksgiving entertaining, and agree it's fun to start working on it early.

  16. Love your china!! Is that wedgwood? Your table looks lovely! I've set and re-set my Thanksgiving table in my head a THOUSAND times. It's different every time!!

  17. So pretty! I love those dishes and I need to start planning ahead right now!!

    Lou Cinda

  18. This looks amazing...I am going to copy you! ;). I had the same idea in mind for multiple boquets. I'm excited to get mine together after seeing yours! Are you going to post yours this year? If so we should link to each others posts on our blogs - that would be fun! I think we even have the same table too!


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