Backyard Tour

Hi Everyone,

I have never really shown you the real reason
 we bought our house four years ago.

Well, here it is ~ our backyard.

Would you join me for a little tour?

These pictures were taken just this week.
We have about 1 acre of land with many large trees and
a stream runs through all of the properties on our street.
My hubby will be very busy for a couple weekends
taking care of all the leaves.

I haven't shown the yard before because it needs a lot of work...
but if I wait until all of the work is done, it will be a very long time.
We have done some trimming of trees and things like that
but there is still a lot to do.
The original owners put a cement block wall all along
the stream and much of it is now falling in, not to mention
the fact that it's pretty darn unattractive ~ so we have our work
cut out for us with that project!


I do feel blessed to have a large yard like this for our kids.


A few weeks ago, around lunchtime, I spotted these young
deer in the yard.  I was pretty surprised to seem them in
the middle of the day.  
The one below spotted me taking his picture!


My awesome hubby made this tree swing.
It's good for many things as you can see.
It's also very important to always have your
nerf gun nearby!


And here is winter ~ I'm getting cold just looking at these!
It is so beautiful though when it's covered with a blanket of
 fresh white snow!

This picture is from the first winter we lived here.
A squirrel found a creative way to get the bird seed
from this feeder that my daughter made in preschool.
I can still hear her voice squealing with delight 
when she saw him outside the window!
~ a sweet memory for sure ~


Our previous homes had small yards with houses very close together.
We are really enjoying having a little more space and feeling of living in the country ~ no wonder I am so drawn to farmhouse style these days.

~ thanks so much for taking my little tour ~

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

~ JoAnne

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  1. Your yard is so beautiful! I love that there is so much space and all the wildlife is great to see. The winter pics are gorgeous.

  2. Your yard is gorgeous just as it is! How wonderful to have a stream running through it! And deer, too!

  3. The winter photos remind me of lovely Christmas cards. What a charming yard.


  4. Your yard is wonderful! I LOVE that swing your husband built and I LOVE seeing your daughter on there reading. That is fantastic.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful place.

  5. What a perfectly lovely yard. Thanks so much for the tour. I miss our 5 acres but this is where we are for now...New follower of your great blog!

  6. You have a beautiful back yard. we also had some deer visit us just the other morning too.

    this is my first trip to your blog. I will love looking through it.

  7. I just love the picts of the deer! here in Michigan we see so many and they are so graceful and beautiful. Love the yard, lots of room to enjoy!
    thanks for sharing,
    Tiki 2 ribbons, lace, and inspiration


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