This is what I could see from my 
front windows today.

~ so pretty ~

Don't you love a fresh coat of snow on the ground?

Do you ever buy yourself a Christmas present?
It seems I always find something for myself when
I am suppose to be shopping for others.

I saw this box with drawer thingie at Homegoods.
I didn't buy it at first but after I got home,
I just kept thinking about it.

So here it is.

The green worked fine for Christmas but I 
will probably paint it.

I thought this was the perfect spot for it on my kitchen counter.

Did you buy any presents for yourself?


  1. LOL I do the same thing JoAnne!! Cute box and pretty pics! We had snow last night and most of the morning, I love it!!

  2. Snow fell heavy yesterday and we're told another storm is on its way! Love it!

    That drawer thingie (as you called it) is awesome. You will have such use for it, definately!

    As for buying myself prezzies, um, yep been there, done that, haha!


  3. What a beautiful scene to see! No snow for me in the Low Country. Yes I buybpresents for myself too, love the box in your kitchen, so cute!

  4. I did pretty well not gifting myself at Christmas but I did order a sparkly blouse for Christmas Day and it now backordered until 1/6/2013!! Not even in time for New Years!! I do love the box...the drawer is cute! And later you can paint it your favorite color...hmmmmm, what would that be? ;-D


  5. When you find something special like that box, you can't avoid it, it's calling you: "take me home". Happy New Year. Are you going to paint it in blue??


  6. Our view was also gorgeous. Had fog this a.m. so all the trees had this awesome extra coating on them, looked like winter wonder land. We've had a few inches in last 2 weeks so it's lovely and crunchy cold. Was so happy to have white Christmas.
    I bought myself new turqoise jeans and a multicolored stripe sweater at Sam's yesterday. Hubs got a fleece jacket. We didn't get our SS til day after Christmas so the day was a little sparse. Felt guilty for buying outfit for myself but I'll enjoy it just the same. Have to try it on tho. Happy New Year
    Love your drawer box for kitchen counter or wherever? Will look forward to seeing what you paint it.

  7. Hi JoAnne! I hope you had a nice Christmas. We are enjoying the snow too!

    Your new drawer box is a great find! I like the green but it would look awesome painted aqua!

    Happy New Year!

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  8. I love your box. You were lucky that it was still there. I have learned to buy things when I see them because otherwise I miss out. I'll stop back to see what color you choose.

  9. Happy New Year, JoAnne!

    Love your box, but adore the turquoise blue bowl vignette, even more! Your kitchen looks mighty cozy with that snow falling outside.

    Hope you have a wonderful year,



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