January 7, 2013

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Do you tend to be safe and go neutral
 on the cabinetry in your kitchen?
I sure do!

I adore the color blue, but I don't know if I would be brave
enough to choose blue for my kitchen cabinets.

These inspiration pictures make me think that someday 
I might be daring enough!

The blue on the cabinets above is so soft and pretty 
that I don't think I would tire of it.

This one is more of an aqua blue.
Doesn't it look cute with the bright accent colors?

And here is a very bold peacock blue.
It's beautiful but I think you would have to be
 very gutsy to choose this color.

Another soft, soothing blue.

Love this cheerful shade of blue especially with the
 wooden knobs and other wood elements.

This is just a cutie pie little kitchenette maybe
for an apartment or guest cottage so I think
the decision would be a little easier.
(If one were lucky enough to have a guest cottage!)

I like this with the dark countertops, too.

This one has so many charming elements that the blue
is just the icing on the cake for me!

What do you think?
Could you go outside of your comfort zone 
when choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets?
I know we are all concerned about resale but what if you
knew it was your forever home?

~ JoAnne ~


  1. I love all your inspiration photos, JoAnne. I think you should go for it. Maybe start with a pale, soft blue if you're nervous about it. Then a few years later you could go bolder after you realize you made the right decision. :) Our first home was a Sears catalog home and I painted the kitchen cabinets a country blue and loved the look. I agonized for 15 years over painting my claw foot tub and finally did it last year. Now I wonder what took me so long because I love it. By the way, I love your new header.

  2. Your inspiration photos are stunning JoAnne!! I would definitely be daring and use a color, my color would be green. You could always start with your island or pennisula.

  3. These are some good, no great examples of going out on the limb and just doing it!

  4. Just lovely pictures, some of these people took a risk and they look gorgeous.


  5. Yes, I now hate my kitchen! Great designs!

  6. My favorite is #5, the tiny cottage kitchen. I think I would have the nerve to use some blue in a space that small, but I don't think I would have the courage to use it in a large kitchen. Hubby would probably nix it too! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  7. I've pinned some of these vary same kitchens!

    Great choices!

  8. Hi JoAnne,

    Love the softer, robin's egg blues. It was between this beautiful palette and a creamy white, when designing our home. Yes, I went with the white, which I truly love because I had lived in a pastel green kitchen for 15 years, otherwise, it would have been blue all the way! Good luck with your choice.


  9. My favorite was the second one. It was the only color combo that I thought that I could live with for a very long time. It had a cheeriness to it that the others lacked . . . just my opinion :)
    Thanks for sharing . . . it is always fun to see fresh ideas.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. If it is your forever home then go for it! The blues are all so beautiful...they are cottagey and frenchy all at the same time.

  11. If we weren't so practical, sigh, thinking of resale, how different our homes might be. I enjoyed all the blue kitchens. A blog I have read for years --she painted her kitchen the aqua similar to one of your pics and it was wonderful. Inspiring to go with your color love I guess!

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  13. I say go for it!! I love every kitchen you've featured!

  14. “The blue on the cabinets above is so soft and pretty that I don't think I would tire of it.”— I totally agree! The color can give you a relaxing mood while doing some of your usual kitchen task. It’s really amazing how a simple color scheme can give an effect in our psyche.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

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