Wow, this time of year sure does get busy, doesn't it?
My son received the Sacrament of Confirmation last weekend
 so we had family visiting for that.
Yesterday I spent the day helping out with my daughter's field trip.
Next up we have concerts, sports, and other end of year activities.
After today, my kids only have 13 more days of school!

I did manage to complete one little project, though.
I decided to paint this coat rack.
I liked the floral design but every time I hung it up,
it just seemed too busy.

I wanted to use it in my bedroom so I used my Annie Sloan
chalk paint and then added some French wording.

( the brick is just holding it up while I take pictures )

"Bless This House"

I found the French address at The Graphics Fairy.

I'm not all that crafty, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
I like how the colors look with the iron hooks.

I mentioned recently that I have been making some
 little changes to our master bedroom.

Well, I have it done but now I have to wait for a sunny
day to take pictures and today is definitely not that day.

I promise to show you as soon as Mr. Sun cooperates!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

~ JoAnne

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  1. I like it so much better painted! Can't wait to see what you've done in the master bedroom.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!



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