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Hi Everyone,
I finally have pictures of the changes I've made in the master.
I took these at the beginning of last week but then had
problems downloading the photos ~ frustrating, I tell you!
Anyway, here they are.

This first picture is kind of what started it all.
I purchased this lamp from Pottery Barn for our family room
but I didn't really like it in there so I tried it in our bedroom.
It gave the room a much lighter look that I really liked so
that inspired more changes ~ you all know how that goes, right?

In the picture below, you can see the lamps we had previously.

Here is what the room looks like now.

I have always liked the look of plates above the bed since they can kind of mimic the curve of the headboard so that's what I did again.

Do you think I need to add a couple more plates or do you
think these three are enough?

My comforter is reversible which is kind of nice for an easy change occasionally.

I moved this bench from the foyer to the end of the bed.
It's not a very deep bench so it works well in this spot.
I haven't run into it in the middle of the night yet!

I tucked a wire basket under the bench.
I seem to have a thing for wire baskets ~
just couldn't resist this one when I saw it at
 Homegoods ~ need to stop going there!!

There he is, Mr. Large and in Charge! 
~ he's got it all under control  ; )  

Remember this picture of the Hydrangea that I

I have it hanging from a ribbon, simply by itself.

The armoire was at an angle in the corner so
I moved it flat against the wall just for a change.

That left a large space on the wall to the right of the armoire
so that is when I came up with the idea of painting my coat rack.
  You can see the before here.
I'm happy with how it turned out and it does a 
good job of filling in that space.

I really like the simplicity of this room.
I seem to be drawn towards that lately.
I think it's because our house gets so cluttered with
schoolwork, sports gear, electronic gadgets, etc.
I really enjoy a calm, uncluttered space when I can get it.

I have to tell you that buying the lamps from Pottery Barn
was a real splurge for me.  I rarely buy anything there because
of the prices.  These were $99 each which seemed like 
a whole lot once I bought two of them.
I do really like them though, and I think I will 
use them for a long time.

Have you splurged on anything lately?

Thank you for coming by to see my bedroom changes!
I hope you have a great week!!

~ JoAnne

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  1. Anonymous5/20/2013

    I love it! It's so pretty and restful. I'm sure you will use those lamps for years, so don't feel anxious about it!

  2. Love your "new" bedroom, Joanne! It really looks great.

    You don't even want to know how I have splurged lately, no way.

    I love the plates above your bed - I don't think you need more, but maybe just maybe seperate them a little more? I think that could work to your liking, otherwise they look small and in need of more, but I think it's just a fix of spreading out a little bit.

    Keep up the good work, lovin it all!

  3. I love your changes. Simple is good and it does look serene and comfortable as a bedroom should be-- a sort of retreat from the rest of the house. I like the three plates (i have similar over our bed) and if you are looking to be simple I think three is nice. otherwise you could add two more to follow the curve. And I love a bench or hopechest at the end of the's great for extra pillows at night or just whatever else you cast off the bed. It all looks great! And sometimes its good to have a treat and those PB lamps look great!

  4. Everything looks so serene and pretty! I love the addition of the plates and the bench at the foot of the bed. They really make a difference in the space. Well done!

  5. Beautiful and Perfect! Everything looks to be in the correct place. I love ti!


  6. found you over @ Our Home Away From Home - love your restyle - looks light and fresh!

  7. Heavens JoAnne, Your room is so pretty, it must be so nice to go in there at night or even for a day time nap. I'd love it. There are so many things in your room I'm crazy about I'd be here all night enumerating them all.
    Think the 3 plates over the bed are perfect. Not too much, not too little. Love Hydrangea picture.
    I love that wire basket under the bench. We used to make benches like that and are going to start making then again. That was one of our best sellers when we lived in MT.
    We've been able to get several pallets and other good lumber so are going to keep ourselves busy making things. Hopefully we'll find a good market so we can sell to supplement our SS. It's good for both of us to keep busy and thinking.
    We're not ones to sit around watching tv all day/night. Winter time (we live in Western CO, close to UT border), we stay in more but still keep pretty busy one way or another. We're both in early 70's, in pretty good health. Love making things and seeing them come to fruition.
    Been looking forward to seeing your refurbishing in your master, you sure did a great job it's so peaceful looking. Happy Days

  8. The new lamps from Pottery Barn look great in your room. It is such a peaceful and calming space. I wouldn't change
    anything ... it's perfect!


  9. Anonymous5/24/2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Anonymous5/24/2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. So pretty! Such a peaceful retreat. Your splurge looks great...they are a classic design so you'll be able to use them forever!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  12. Your bedroom is so pretty. I adore the bedding, the lamps and the plates on the wall.

  13. Hi ... I'm here from Cozy Little House. What are the flowers/buds you have in the mason jar that is sitting on the books? I love them! Debbie

  14. I am so happy I stumbled upon your's just lovely! The work you did with decorating your bedroom is wonderful, I love the look. I too splurged on some decor items for my bedroom, and they were from Pottery Barn too! Thank you for sharing the photos-you just brightened my day. :)

  15. This is lovely! Blue is definitly growing on me! I just may be adding some pops of blue to my home soon !

  16. Such a pretty and restful room!! Love the plates...3 is perfect :)

  17. JoAnne,

    What a pretty room! I love the soft blue and cream hues, the fabrics, the lamps and the plates, which for me, are the most charming accessory. I like the three. Your honey coloured armoire is divine and the room feels very French to me. Thanks for sharing this refreshingly chic restyle!


  18. Hi.........Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway for a gift certificate to my new Etsy Shop named: Daisy Pink Wish .....if you have time please check it out....would love to see you enter :)
    Love the photo of your made me smile....looks like he's modeling!! so cute!


  19. it looks so pretty, light, and fresh! the lamps were a good will use them for a long time and they will go with everything :)

  20. Hi there JoAnne, your bedroom makeover looks fantastic.

    I came here via google search for "Sandstone Cove" because I was curious what it would look like in a bedroom. Did you end up sticking with that paint color or switching to the more cream-colored one ("Cozy Cottage")?

  21. Your master looks so light and fresh but still very cozy.

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  23. Your bedroom is so pretty! I love the soft colors and definitely love the plates above the bed.

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  26. JoAnne, your bedroom is charming. Very much a cottage bedroom. I love the natural wood furniture paired with the white. It makes for a warm and inviting space. Beautiful armoire. Really like it a lot. All your accessories are perfect. The painted coat rack is to die for. I'm so glad you shared this at Every Room In The House. I'm so inspired, and I know others will be, too. Come back tomorrow and link up again at the April get together. We'll be partying in the bathroom. :) Hugs ~ Nancy P.S. Your About page is so nicely done. That's something I must add to my blog.

    1. P.S. I'm featuring your lovely bedroom tomorrow. :)


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