November 24, 2013


For the fourth and last post on our trip to New Hampshire,
I'm taking us back to Hancock where we started.

Hancock is a very small town, more like a village really.
Only about 200 residents reside in the main part of the town.


Directly across the street from the Inn is the Hancock Market.
A quaint little grocery store ~ just what you would expect
in a little New England town.

A little further down the street is this pond.
The water was like a mirror that day.

So calm and beautiful, perfectly reflecting its surroundings.

Here is the town burial ground with it's granite stones.
Some date back to the very early 1800's.

They almost tell the stories of families that lived here.

Some are very sad ~ so many young children.

This view is from the burial ground looking back up Main Street.

The library is only open three days a week so plan your book
borrowing needs accordingly.  : }

One morning I took a leisurely stroll so I could admire all of the antique homes.

The character, charm and history of it all was almost overwhelming.

One thing I noticed was that yards and flower beds were not perfectly groomed.
The landscaping was more natural, blending in with nature.

Many cape cod homes as you would expect with their picket fences and stone walls.

Most of the homes were painted white, but some adorned
colonial colors as well.

As you can see, this home was having some work done.

Isn't the detail amazing?

The old granite hitching post still intact.

As you might be able to tell, I loved everything about New Hampshire.
So authentic, nothing cheesy or commercialized.
The people, homes and buildings coexist beautifully with nature
just as they have for hundreds of years.

Thank you so much for reading.
If you ever plan to go to New Hampshire,
I would be happy to share our experience and any
information that I can.


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~ sharing here ~


  1. Thanks for the tour of Hancock.

    My favorite photos were those of the pond and the reflections. I love reflection photos.

  2. I loved all your tours and I think Hancock is just so quaint. I love all the homes in their simplicity and beauty. Love the old hitching post. That is great. Thanks for the tours. Loved them all.

  3. What a wonderful tour! I love that house with the sort-of swirly gingerbread detail. The whole place reminds me a bit of what I saw in Col Williamsburg years ago. I'd love for you to share this tomorrow at my link party, We Call It Olde, it's perfect. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  4. Very, very pretty. Just like you imagine New England to look.

  5. Your photos are beautiful. What a wonderful place to visit - it seems too perfect to live there! -- Jan

  6. New Hampshire is wonderful - So many beautiful, antique homes. As a New London, NH area home care provider a lot of our care givers are fortunate enough to work with a lot of wonderful seniors who have beautiful homes such as these in the area.

    - Sue

  7. Hancock IS an amazing little small town. I used to live in Derry back in the mid 1970s (where I attended Pinkerton Academy) when my father worked for the newspapers in Boston, commuting back and forth. We also had a camp in the White Mountains most of my life and also we lived for a time in Gilmanton. My mother's family native New Englanders and New Hampshire has always had a special place in my heart. I loved living there and loved every season, though don't miss the May flys a bit!!!