February 1, 2014


Hi Everyone,
My post last year on blue kitchen cabinets received a lot of
 views (a lot for my blog I should say) so I thought I would do another one this year.
I think I could look at pretty kitchens all day long
so it is fun for me to search for inspiring photos to share.
I hope you like these too.

The kitchen below is not my usual style but still there is
 something about it that I like. 
Maybe it's the fresh, clean look.

Pretty indigo island ~ a popular color this year.

Oh wait, maybe this one is my favorite.  I just can't decide!

Do you have a favorite?

~ so hard to choose ~


  1. I think my favorite is the one with the minty green/blue cabinets.

    Your post is timely because I finished all 3 of my major house goals for January and am making my February list. Painting the kitchen cabinets is high on the list, but our room is so small that I am keeping the all white cabinet look.

    Thanks for sharing beautiful inspiration photos.

  2. I love the second one but they all have a wonderful beauty about them. I painted my cabinets a cream color a couple of years ago. I strongly considered blue, I wish I had gone with it!


  3. I like the same one you like. I SO wish I had room for an island in the kitchen!

  4. My favorites are #'s 1...5...6...7...8...& 9!! So pretty!!

  5. Beautiful kitchens. I love all of the different colors of the cabinets!! : )

  6. I love number 4 and 8 ... the cabinets painted minty green or light aqua. I've thought about painting my lower cabinets a different color but always chicken out! I'm pinning these just in case I decide to go for it!

  7. I love the combination of blue and white. Your kitchen is so fresh and crisp and pretty!!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Lots of pretty kitchens. We are doing ours this year.

  9. I can't choose. They are all so pretty, JoAnne! There's something about each one of them that I find attractive! So pretty!

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  11. Hi JoAnne ,Every images are awesome.Thank you for sharing with all us. I like all images.But I specially choose number one(1) for me.I want to make a new kitchen cabinet from some days ago but I don't select the color. I have thought before see your picture grey is the best color for kitchen cabinets.But now it seems to me blue is the best.

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