August 6, 2014


I made a few changes at the end of the hallway 
that leads to our master bedroom.
After all, it had been the same way since January!
Can you imagine??

this is the before . . .

. . . and here it is now.

The screen is an amish herb drying rack.
I purchased it over a year ago at a shop we stopped
at while on vacation.  
I bought it to use as wall decor but just
never found the right spot for it until now.

 This hallway is kind of narrow so hanging the screen
horizontally gives the illusion of the space being a little wider.
I did dry brush a little white paint on the actual
screen to give it a little softer look.
I love the smooth, aged wood of the frame too.

I added my HOME sign on top.
Don't you think they look good together?

I kept the white porcelain birds and added 
my topiary to the little table.
(We'll pretend the annoying light switch isn't there, okay?)

I'm glad I finally found a spot for the screen.

Do you like the change?

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  1. This is so classic and serene. Love the screen - such an interesting touch.

  2. I love you hall display. You must change things all the time like I do.

  3. Yes...I love the display that you changed it to. I love changing things up every so often...makes the space seem new again.

  4. I love it! You are very much like me, well, all of us. Change is good! :)

    Jane xx

  5. I love the screen and the topiary.

    I just restaged a table at my house - isn't it fun!

  6. I love the herb rack and the table looks so pretty. I had a rack that Hubby made years ago, but the screen got ripped somehow. I may ask him to make one lke that for me next year.

  7. Wow you did leave everything the same for a while! I don't know if I've ever gone that long without changing stuff around! The herb drying rack is perfect for that space. What a great find!

  8. LOVE that drying rack...pretty change JoAnne!!

  9. Calling by from Share your Cup Thursday, I hope you can lift it down to dry your herbs. :)

  10. That drying screen is a fabulous find JoAnne! It really looks pretty on the wall and the HOME sign is a wonderful companion! Love the new look! Thanks for sharing with SYC.