Today is a beautiful, sunny fall day 
so I felt inspired to take some pictures.

Nothing special.

Just ordinary things around the house.

Things that I like.

Things that have meaning to me.

Reminders of the season.

Little groupings that I have put together.

Even things that are imperfect.

These are the things that say "home" to me.

I hope you're enjoying some sunshine today.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

- joining -


  1. Ordinary is extra special in my book. Your photos are so pretty. You've got that down to an art. :)

  2. Very pretty JoAnne...I love posts like these!! Happy Weekend!

  3. These are such pretty vignettes, most with your signature blue! I love that green pumpkin!

    Happy Fall, JoAnne!

    Jane xx

  4. Great pictures. Love this fall.

  5. Love all the photos...everything is so pretty!!

  6. Beautiful photos! The sun is shining here too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Such pretty photos, really loving the blue box


  8. Pretty treasures and photos!

  9. Ordinary things are so pretty!

  10. I've noticed that the simpler objects in art are what really draw me to it. Been trying to find simple things to print out and frame on my gallery wall. Time for bees/skeps/hives, etc to be put away til Spring.
    Your photos are very enjoyable to see. Love that storage metal bin, yeah. Did you buy that or have had it for long time? Things like that are so handy for so many uses. I loved seeing how you photo objects and arrangements. Your white geranium is gorgeous, so full. Is yours still blooming?
    We live west of Grand Junction, CO and it's still gorgeous during day, reminds me very much of regular San Diego weather (we lived in S.D. areas for 21 yrs then moved to MT). All your vignettes are very lovely. Happy weekend. Hope to hear from you again. Oh I noticed how beautiful your skin is on your photo.

  11. Those pictures show a very welcoming home where it'd be nice to chat over a cup of tea!

  12. Lovely pictures JoAnne, I love simple, and that's exactly what you've captured here:)

  13. your things make me happy just looking at them!

  14. JoAnne, this is so nice. It really made me smile today! I love the simple "Around the House" pictures idea. You have so many pretty items to look at. Would love to share this on my blog.

  15. Such simple, pretty little touches that make a house a home. Just beautiful!! Have a wonderful day!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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