I have always loved the look of projects done with pages from
old books so I put together one for myself.

As you can see, it's simply an old frame, a page from a book
and a small bouquet of dried flowers.

I placed it on my bedside table and I'm liking the look.
Now I may have to do some more projects with book pages.

In other news this week (ha ha) I was surprised with some roses.

You see, a few weeks ago, I purchased three little pathetic
knock out roses that were on clearance for $3.50 each.
I was just hoping they would survive the winter
and bloom in the spring.

So a couple days ago I was very surprised to see
that all three of them had some blooms and buds on them.
 It was going to get much colder this week so I cut
them and brought them in to enjoy.

Aren't they a pretty color?

Have you had any unexpected surprises this week?

- joining -


  1. Two bouquets here today, JoAnne. One a dried one framed beautifully and the other one from your sweet little newly planted rose bushes. Both so pretty!

    My unexpected surprise was my son dropping in with our youngest grand boy tonight and eating dinner. We spent 2 hours laughing at the antics of a 2 year old.

    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. The book page, frame and roses are so pretty! Wonderful idea! blessings~~~Roxie

  3. Love the framed book page with the pretty!!

  4. This little project is big time beautiful! I think something like this would make for great gifts as well. So pretty!

    I have found that these roses are very strong! Good for you...Beautiful!

    Jane xx

  5. What a darling project and your knockout roses are gorgeous! I happen to have knock out roses blooming now too, but in a different variety. Don't you just love them! Have a great weekend!

  6. Your book page art is so pretty! I did one over my mantel a few weeks ago and my husband isn't so sure about it. He thinks it looks like Christmas. What does he know? :)

    How lucky that you roses are blooming for you!

  7. Your roses are breath taking the colors are so clear. Love your bouquet/book page art. Very simple which is beautiful. I enjoy the simpler art, really strikes a chord in me. The elements go together wonderfully, you have such a lovely welcoming home.
    Have been making new art for our walls as was time to take down bees/skeps/hives til spring maybe. I like to change things out as time goes along as I get tired of things, need some fresh art on walls. I print out things offered on blogs to make walls more interesting from time to time.
    I had a good sized boards for sign ready to make and decided instead to put some fabric on it, two small candle sconces I've never used and a frame in between. Hung it where I'd had a pretty bees/honey/skeps poster. Was quite happy with outcome. The frame contains a thought provoking saying. I love it that with little bit of imagination and time can make our own art to enjoy, especially since it didn't really cost anything, already had all the components.
    This summer after we painted our living room, (finally after 8 yrs living here) I got out some beach components I had, made what I needed to and we had a beachy l/r. Loved it so much. Then when summer winding down before Fall I put up the bee stuff. Our daughter says she never knows what we'll have up when she comes over, she'll go around room looking at everything.
    Happy weekend and Halloween

  8. Hi JoAnne, The book page frame is very pretty and the roses are adorable. I'm totally in LOVE with your B & B sign. It turned out great!!!
    Have a happy Sunday!


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