I really want to thank everyone who commented
on my post about which counter stools I should buy.
It was so fun to hear all of your thoughts and ideas.

Here are the unofficial results . . .

Stool No. 1 received the most favorable responses.

Stool No. 3 received the second most favorable responses.

I really love both of these.
No. 1 would fit perfectly with my cottage style.
No. 2 would look great too and bring in a little
industrial style which is so popular right now.
Our kitchen tends to be cold in the winter so I'm a little
concerned that the metal would be a bit chilly.

 So guess which one I chose?
Actually, neither one of these, not yet anyway.
You see, right now, I'm really loving farmhouse style
and I would like to try to bring a little more of that into our kitchen.
I think No. 4 might do that the best.  
 It is unfinished so I would probably just give it a light stain
and try to achieve the look of old, aged wood.
The stools in the picture below have the finish I have in mind.
Farmhouse Kitchen by East Midlands Kitchen Designers & Remodelers deVOL Kitchens

The lowest price I found for this stool was online at Staples of all places
for only $53.99 each plus free shipping.
  I decided to order just one stool so I could see if I like it, the quality
 and the comfort of it.
  I'll let you know what I think when I receive it.

Thanks again for all of your input.
I still may end up with No. 1 yet!  : )

See you next time when The Counter Stool Saga continues . . .


  1. I like the one you picked out and think it will look great.

  2. LOL- I love that you picked what YOU love best! I think that is a great choice, JoAnne. Simple, sweet and practical. I just can't get into the industrial thing for my own home. I like it for a loft or more modern setting though.

    Hope you have a good night and I hope you like the stool when it gets there. xo Diana

  3. So glad you got back to us on your stool decision, I get frustrated when we are left hanging.......I'm nosey that way! Good luck on your stool search, I'm sure you will find exactly what you have in mind!

  4. Yea for #4. Thanks for following up. Now to see it in place. It's a classic stool--that's what we had when we had a similar counter bar, two are still hanging around our house. Even had one like that in our house when I was a child.

  5. Oh how exciting! I love the stools in the farmhouse kitchen too. I can't wait to see the ones you chose all stained and in your kitchen!

  6. on my post about which counter stools I should buy. see this post. It was so fun ...


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